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When the rains come calling…! Rainy season is here.

Meaning it is time for the rains. This is one of the most lovable seasons of the year. When the dark clouds hover on the horizon, they present such a lovely sight and the weather becomes so lovely-cool and pleasant. As the rain drops fall on the ground with a lovely musical sound, they lift up the mood and you feel like dancing provided you have a good health and a happy mind.


In the rainy season because of the constant rains our digestive system becomes weak. Therefore in this season special care and protection of the body is needed. It is advisable to take simple food which can be easily digested. It is better to chew the food properly so that digestion becomes easy and there is no problem.

Consuming split green gram (Moong dal) is advisable in the rainy season. It is anti-oxidant and is also energy giver. If you are eating leafy vegetables, make sure you wash it thoroughly so that no germs remain. Including torai, fenugreek, white flowered gourd, bathua in the daily food during this time is a good habit. As far as the fruits are concerned, you should prefer mangoes and berries.

Eating a lot of mangoes in the morning for 40 days and later drinking a glass of milk is very good for health. This makes the body strong, healthy and disease free. The skin also starts glowing and you feel fresh and healthy. During the rainy season you should not eat fried items and spicy things. One should also avoid excess food, more exercise, spending sleepless nights, getting drenched in the rains and sleeping under the open sky.


Wear colourful clothes in the rainy season. You should select clothes which dry up fast even after getting wet in the rain.Nylon, synthetic clothes dry up fast after getting wet and can be worn during this time of the year. If the clothes have got wet in the rain, get them changed at the earliest so that you do not get any infection.

Keep the areas near your joints clean and dried up otherwise you may succumb to several skin diseases like itching, eczema, ringworm etc. keeping the feet clean in the rainy season is absolutely necessary. Despite walking carefully on the roads, sometimes the feet goes inside the mud. The dirt and the dust goes inside the nails and one can get some infection.

Therefore it is necessary to cut the nails of the hand and the feet regularly. One should wear cloth shoes or sandals. Do not use any kind of foundation or cream during the rainy season. Because of the rains the foundation or the cream comes off the face. This will give an ugly and dirty look to the face. Use dark lipstick only at the sides of the lips. Leave the rest of the space free. Don’t tie up your hair when it is wet or else you may get some infection. Make a ponytail after combing the hair both ways.

The way the hairfall will be less and will also dry up fast. By keeping these things in mind you will be able to enjoy the rainy season. The rains should not make you sick Boil the water before drinking so that the bacteria and germs get killed. Most of the people do not know the exact amount of time for which the water should be boiled. Boil the water for at least 20 minutes. By taking care, even the tiny germs will die.

If you are not boiling water to drink then at least use mineral water or filter water. If you are buying mineral water from the market don’t forget to check the seal. Many times you can find dirty water filled in the mineral water bottle. This is a serious offence and cheating the public, but the unscrupulous elements have no hesitation in doing so. –Don’t eat chopped fruit, vegetables sold outside. Fruit juice should also be avoided. Don’t drink lassi, lemon juice from outside.

-Don’t use too hot or too cold food or drinking items. Don’t use excessive spicy food. It is not good for health -Eat the food soon after cooking when it is still hot. Hot and fresh food is good for health. Avoid taking stale food because it creates problems for the health –Keep the waste paper/food basket covered all the time so that flies don’t come to disturb you. Many germs can also get attracted to the dustbin.

–While eating raw fruits Keep in mind to eat them just after peeling or cutting. Don’t eat extra ripe fruit because germs or bacterias may be there in the fruits which can make you fall sick. If you are eating fruits without peeling then wash it properly with clean water. Don’t eat chopped salad which has become stale. Make kitchen garden green during Monsoon As it is the plants naturally get a lot of water during the rainy season.

But excess of anything is bad. There are some plants which require limited amount of water. Then there are some plants which require more water. There are still some other plants which need a lot of water to survive. Keep this in mind while having your kitchen garden. Also remember not go grow more than the required number of plants in the kitchen garden. Usually the courtyard of the house does not have so much space to allow a large number of plants. Anyway plants grow at a rapid pace in the rainy season.

Think and plan which plants to grow before the rainy season. You can sow the flower plant much in advance before the rains start so that they can grow easily in this season. According to the season you can also grow a limited amount of vegetable in the kitchen garden. Plant the vegetables before the rains begin. They will then get good amount of water to grow.

You can grow vegetables either in the flower pots or in the open space in the garden. The combination of flowers and vegetables will look very colourful and good. Sow the vegetable plants before the rainy season so that during the monsoon you can have some vegetables grown at home.

Some of the garden vegetable plants are tomato, lady finger, brinjal, mint, tori etc. People think that the plant usually grow a lot during the rainy season, but this is not exactly true. Don’t leave the plants unattended during monsoon.

See that there is no excess water in the pot or in the vegetable ground. Excess of water is bad for the vegetables and flower plants. You can tie a silk cloth on top of the plants so that they get protection from excess heat and water.

Children enjoy a lot in the monsoon We all love rains. But this is a season when you have to take a lot of care and protection to remain disease free. Be I home or school , the cleaner you are , the better hygienic care will keep yourself disease free.

The more cleanliness that you maintain, the safer and protected will you be from germs and bacteria. Let’s look at some tips through which you can keep yourself healthy and happy without falling sick and taking recourse to medicines.

These tips will help you maintain a good health during monsoon. Everywhere you can see such small artificial `lakes’. You like to float your boat in that water or splash it with your legs or hand. You enjoy doing this, but it is not a happy practice at all and must be avoided as far as possible. But beware.

The stored water can be dangerous. The mosquitoes that bite you after the rains are hidden in these water. Their bite can lead to dangerous diseases like malaria, dengue etc. Even worse is the fact that these waters are extremely dirty. All the dirty water on the roads and lanes and bylanes and sometimes even gutter water mix together in the poodle that you see all around during the rainy season. Going in the dirty water is an open invitation to the diseases.

Home Cooked Food is the Best

You must be enjoying the tasty and spicy food outside, but in the rainy season the home made food cooked by the mother is the most tasty. In the rainy season people mostly fall sick by eating food from outside. Request your mother to cook whatever food you want to eat. That way you will be safe and not catch any disease at all. Eating outside can even lead to diseases like typhoid.

No Enjoyment Without Milk

You must be feeling a bit cold after the rains. To get rid of that cold it is advisable to drink a hot glass of milk every morning and evening. This is a very healthy diet. If at all you get wet anytime during the day then change the clothes immediately and then drink a glass of milk. It would be better if you mix a little bit of turmeric in the milk. This milk will protect you from both cold and cough.

Birds of Monsoon

You must be getting wet a number of times during the rainy season. Sometimes while coming back from school, you may get wet if it is raining. At other times you may be playing in the field while the rains are coming and the shoers may completely drench you. But you come back running to the house.

But have you ever wondered what do the birds do when there are rains? How do they live when it the rains are coming? How do they behave when the rains are there? Actually any change in weather or the environment first affect the birds. If it is raining too hard, most birds prefer to stay back in their nest.

The chirruping of the birds is a very sweet sound during the rainy season. The dangers of rains are no less on the birds. The hail storm sometimes kill birds. Many times their nests get blown away in the high velocity winds. They have to remake their nest with so much of effort. But the birds also enjoy the rains.

You must have seen sparrow splashing in the rain water. Maina too enjoys the showers. The peacocks get excited when they see rains. They start dancing. But on the other hand eagles don’t like rains. To avoid rains they soar above the clouds.

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