Everyone has one`s own personal life. He has his own loneliness & his own happiness. He has some moments of his own, in between the whole day or have some days in a month of his own independence.

With the development, man forgets his own self with the wisdom, education and pressure of formalities. His fervor & child-like habits vanish with passage of time. Every second he experiences that his activities are being noticed by someone. Society is being affected by his every deed.

As a result, under this pressure he keeps doing all the deeds and hence moves away from his real personality. This develops into a type of stress and this stress in long run turns into a disease. Generally, to become rigid, parents become cruel to their children. Sometimes they do this cruelty to themselves as well where their sympathy, love, tears and emotions, all become rigid and tough.

We can call these persons stone-hearted. We say he has no concern about others emotions. The only reason behind is, despite countless efforts, they are not able to live with their own selves and hence their personality becomes distorted. Every man has his own personal life and he does not like any interference in it.

The independence, for that particular time, is his personal. During that time,he may wish to create something. He may wish to write a song, or to sing it. During this time disturbing him is not less than a torture to him. Some people are very introvert.

They become open to a fewer people only. Generally they are considered to be egoistic. But this is not true. Actually they do not want that second or third person should interfere with their life. Many open minded people do not hesitate to be fooled and become the center of laughter.

They crack jokes and laugh at their own foolishness and consider that they have become wise before time. Most often they remain saved from the diseases too, but these type of persons cracking jokes are also empty at the inner of their heart.

This is a very strange type of isolation, which can be noticed by a very few people only. If you know that, during the whole day, the friend, husband/wife or a co-worker wants some isolation, give him/her the space, because after that isolation, he/she will be with you, with double the strength.

Generally more peace also generates impatience. Hence, the man will take peace only to make up his need, and not more than that, as the nose inhales oxygen only to the required extent. But if we do give the space to loneliness and let such moments to the person which he needs, it will result in hesitation and this impatience will become the part of his personality.

If your partner or a friend wants to spend some time in isolation, co-operate him. May be he weeps, and throw away the tears. With this activity all his impurities will come out. But excessive isolation, reluctance in talking to anyone, going in acute depression, drugs addiction, all these are the symptoms of the disease, and these types of persons intend to suicidal activities.

Before sharing your personal experiences, that how this will affect your life, respect your family and the society. Hence, share your experiences with care. The best solution for this is that you cultivate the habit of writing a diary. Write all, good or bad. After one year if you think that it is not right, just destroy it and if you feel it recreative, go through it in the moments of loneliness and remain happy.

No one stands with the sad person. A jovial person is always surrounded by people. Share the happiness, it should be your habit. If your friend or partner wants some space of isolation for sometime, give him.

This will strengthen your friendship.He will realize that you respect his emotions. May be that a unique or unbeatable creation takes place during that time. So respect your own moments of loneliness and give liberty to your friends as well.

This will prove to be an effective beginning to lead a good life. -Dr. Gopal Narayan Aawte

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