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God will take care of your woes Experiences of the Devotees Great Grace of Revered Param Pita Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj

Premi Shamsher Singh Insan son of Shri Ram Kishan Singh Sachkhandwasi, village Kaulam, tehsil and district Ambala has described the divine shower of blessings on him by Revered Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj.

He has talked about the magical experience thus.

The event took place in 1991. There was a spiritual congregation at Dera Sacha Sauda Sirsa. The devotees had gathered in large numbers to have the vision of the Revered Masters and listen to the religious discourse by Revered Param Pita Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj & Revered Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan.

There was great excitement among the devotees on the occasion. People from our village also had to go to the religious discourse. I managed to convince my mother to allow me to go to the religious discourse, but I did not tell my father. The reason was that I was afraid that my father would stop me from going to the religious discourse.

The monsoon had almost been dry that year. There had not been any rain in the region. I had to keep the tube-well running all the time to give water to the paddy field. My father had three brothers. The tube-well was common. After every four days the tube-well water was ours for two days.

My father had also been initiated in to God`s word,

but he had love for the fields also. I had to do all the farming work and I also did a job alongside. We also had a servant, but my father trusted me more. There were still some days left for the religious discourse. It was my turn to water the fields. I carried the breakfast of the servant to the field.

After he had taken the breakfast, I asked him how many fields had been watered and how many were still left. He did not say anything as he was afraid. I then asked him again, Laxman! Tell me what is the matter? He told me that the pipe had been broken at night and so the field had not been watered at all.

In fact all the water had flown to the other field as the pipe had been broken. The servant was afraid that I would rebuke him for his mistake. Four days later it was again my turn to water our paddy fields. But the next day when I went to the fields to give food to the servant, the same thing happened. The entire water had been wasted the whole night as the pipe had been broken and water had flown to the nearby field.

I shouted at the servant and without getting angry told him in a gentle manner that he should take care of the water otherwise our crop will get dried up and will be destroyed without water.

The servant promised me that he will take full care of the water next time and for this he will not sleep the whole night. I somehow controlled my anger and went back to my duty. But I was worried for the fields. The fields were watered the whole day, but at night the pipe used to break wasting all the water from the tube-well.

I was really worried what will happen to the crops if the fields remained dry for several days at a stretch. Then I remembered that I also had to go to the religious discourse the other day. When the next day I went to the fields carrying food for the servant, I saw that the tube-well was running and he was taking full care of the fields to see that the pipe would not be broken.

I had also prayed to God to please help me so that nothing went wrong. I roamed around the field for some time to see the watered areas and then came back to the tube-well. I gave him food and asked him how had been work at night and whether he had watered the field well. He said everything was alright.

After sometime he told me that he had again gone to sleep at night, but around 2 O’ clock he heard a clear and sweet heavenly voice, ‘Beta Laxman! The water is again going to flow into the field of the grand uncle. Get up and take care of water.’ My sleep was broken.

I got up suddenly and looked outside from the room. I saw a tall person standing there holding a stick. He was standing near the drum from where the water was collected for watering.

The person was wearing a scarf on His head. His beard was all white which was shining in the moonlight. There was a cool breeze and the beard was fluttering. The person was wearing a white robe. He had beautiful shoes. He had a very long stick in His hand and He was standing under the ‘keeker’ tree. The person repeated His words to me in a sweet voice. “Beta hurry-up and control the overflowing water in your field.

I picked up the axe and ran towards the water. I saw that some grass and leaves were blocking the path of water flowing through the pipe. As a result, the water was about to overflow to the other field. I immediately removed the grass and leaves from the spot to allow free flow of water to the field. I heaved a sigh of relief and thanked the Baba Ji for helping me out in saving water for the field. He had saved a great loss for us.

Then I thought that I should see the Baba Ji who had come to help me. I picked up the torch and axe and ran towards the tube-well. I looked in the direction of the Keeker tree under which the old and tall Baba Ji had been standing. A bulb had been lighted on the tree but there was no Baba Ji.

I threw the light of the torch all around in search of the Baba Ji, but could not locate Him. After telling me this, Laxman (our servant) asked me who the Baba Ji was. He looked at me with probing eyes and then said, Sardar Ji, what is the matter? Why are you crying? Listening to Laxman I remembered the Revered Param Pita Ji.

I took the scarf off my head and wiped off the tears flowing down from my eyes. I took a deep breath and told him-He was the same Sirsa wale Baba Ji Revered Param Pita Shah Satnam JI Maharaj. Laxman, you are very lucky.

You had a divine glimpse of the real God. You are so fortunate to have seen God. Even after a long penance people rarely have a glimpse of God. The devotees have to go to the Dera Sacha Sauda to have His vision. I told him to take care of the animals and the farming as I also had to go to Dera Sacha Sauda Sirsa to have a vision of the Revered Param Pita Ji.

The next day I accompanied the other devotees of the village in a truck to go to Sirsa where the religious discourse had been organized. After the religious discourse all the villagers were blessed to have the vision of the Revered Guru Ji. We were so happy and excited that we started singing and dancing on our way back.

At this time we neither remembered our home nor our work. Suddenly I remembered that I would be rebuked by my father because I had come for the religious discourse without informing him. In fact I had not even taken any permission from him. When I reached Ismailabad, I saw that there had been good monsoon rains there. Further ahead of Ismailabad, till our village Kaulan there had been heavy rain fall.

When I reached home I saw that there was water all around the house and the fields. I called my father and entered my father’s room. My father was very happy. His face was glowing. I wished him and asked him about the farming fields.

He smiled and said that because of the blessings of the Spiritual Guide there had been heavy rains and the fields were full of water. It was all due to the great grace of the Spiritual Master.

In this manner the Revered Guru Ji also saved me from the anger of my father. That year we had the best average of the paddy production in the entire village. This became the talk of every house of how Shamsher Singh had left behind even the Agriculture department in the per acre paddy production. It is true that when we take a step towards the Spiritual Master, He takes 1000 steps towards us.

He takes care of all our problems and blesses us. We can never extend enough thanks to God and can never repay Him for all His abundant blessings. We can only say, O God, You are great! You take care of everything and everyone and make difficult times so easy for us.

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