Respect is Commanded And Not Demanded

Human society is confluence of people belonging to different age groups, religions, professions, business, political status, sports, males, females etc. Persons possessing good wealth,

advanced age, political status, high position in business or profession although achieve these distinctions because of their prolonged efforts but sometimes;

fail to get the quantum of regards to their positions. They not only deserve the respect but start expecting more and demand gratitude from the society which may be due to degradation in their character and behaviour.

How to Command Respect?

  1. Give respect to every person according to age, status etc. because respect begets respect.
  2. Develop full faith in your spiritual master.
  3. Practice regular meditation.
  4. Always speak truth.
  5. Become trust-worthy.
  6. Respect all religions. Do not criticise any religion.
  7. Try to avoid worldly vices like anger, lust, greed, attachment, egoism.
  8. Minimize desires.
  9. Keep on trying for progress but also stay contented on present possessions.
  10. Help the needy and not the greedy.
  11. Keep on assessing your own performances. Try to realize various aspects of strength and weakness of character.
  12. Discard bad habits.
  13. Do not try to impose your suggestion upon others.
  14. Try to give or donate something and do not demand.
  15. Never consume alcohol and any other intoxicant.
  16. Be polite in behaviour.
  17. Do not over-react badly.
  18. Avoid superstitions, hatred, falsehood, hypocrisy.
  19. Perform social service for the welfare of humanity.
  20. Never indulge in violence, theft and gambling.
  21. Never indulge in nepotism and bribery.
  22. Do something which is extra-ordinary and distinguished act.
  23. Do not elaborate much on self praise but you can tell about your achievements.
  24. Feel good and explain the achievements of others in praiseworthy language.
  25. First deserve then demand. Perform your duties sincerely, honestly and with full dedication. Then only the rights can be expected.
  26. The person who deserves the regards has to do something additional, positive and extra- ordinary. The associates and neighbouring persons start realising the goodness in the concerned person.
  27. Love thy nation.
  28. Always extend all possible help to the orphans, destitute and the needy.
  29. Never be envious to the progress, prosperity and success of others.
  30. Maintain good health so that you stay independent and do not depend upon others for support.
  31. Always stay acceptable to the society through virtuous thought and righteous actions.
  32. Largeness and greatness is more important than just being large and great.
  33. Let the respect commanded has its perpetual and everlasting status so that its effect stays even after death.

A person how so ever rich, with elderly age, close relative, strong in physical body or possessing power of administration just cannot claim regards because of distinct rank. General masses may pretend to show certain gestures of superficial respect but their regards are not heartfelt or deep-rooted.

There may be certain sycophants who try to exploit the situation by exaggerating their status.

Every person in the society requires certain level of respect or regards from childhood to old age.

The respect can be conveyed in the form of words, salute, good gestures or even submission. Offering the respect in the form of salute in different styles depends upon the tradition, convention, religion or region. If the desired level of respect is deprived, the reactions can be instant, delayed, subdued or latent.

The level of regards for parents, teachers, elderly persons, relatives, friends, youngsters, administrators, sub-ordinates, spiritual guide etc. is different.

The reverence for spiritual guide is supreme and should be through the development of full faith, complete submission of thoughts and emotions. Now-a-days the trend of regards to the parents and guardians is declining which is very discouraging. This is mainly due to increasing urge of independence among young ones. They do not wish to follow the old traditions of modesty and humility.

Youngsters in the family or outside and sub-ordinates in the office should also be given due regards.

The crux of commanding respect in the society comes through eloquent qualities of truth fullness, virtuous thoughts, righteous actions, good habits, strong character and amiable behaviour.

Dr. Triloki Nath Chugh Insan,
Co-ordinator, Shah Satnam Ji Educational Institutions, DSS, Sirsa (Haryana).

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