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How to be Productive?

Introduction: Every human is born with a purpose. It is the same purpose that gives value to our lives. Doing nothing makes us feel purposeless and a person of no value. We are all given with the capacity and the capability to carry out responsibilities and our work diligently.

While we do something we need to keep in mind that our work also has to yield a result sooner or later. Even if the result is not evident immediately, it does cme in light someday. A fruitless work is of no value and makes us feel dejected. This feeling of bearing a fruit after our hard work is called productivity. In a fast paced world like today, productivity has become very important. If we look at the larger picture we do realize that all the activities are interlinked in the society. This is the social and the economic perspective.

Economy is driven by productivity. The narrower or the personal picture is self growth or self improvement. It is a highly competitive world where everyone today is upgrading their skills for different purposes. These purposes maybe to get a job or a desired work opportunity, a hobby or an interest, as a medium to explore one’s potential etc.

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Sedentary Life Style:

Sedentary lifestyle where the whole day is spent doing nothing or having eyes glued on screens might be relaxing for a bit but after a point of time it does become draining and depressing. Everyone wondered why? It is because every man’s inherent nature is to keep working and to be on his toes. However, this inherent trait has now been buried deep with devices that keep us glued and the technology and artificial intelligence that have made us lazy. Productivity is a result of working and observing the change.

This change is in terms of accomplishing a task, learning a new skill, and even psychological advancement in my view. Today youth finds it difficult to be productive. One of the reasons that I also mentioned above is dependence on electronic gadgets. Gone are the days when people actually used to work hard and make effort to accomplish tasks. Addiction to devices and mindlessly scrolling through Instagram, Whatsapp, etc would never impart in them the necessary skills needed in life. Reducing screen time and regulating device habits is very crucial to save time to do things that actually make a difference.

Developing a Hobby:

Secondly, developing a hobby which is again crucial doesn’t come easy. One needs to explore and know themselves better. That again comes with devoting sincere time to oneself. Whether one loves writing, gardening, reading, dancing, playing guitar, collecting coins so on and so forth. The encouragement to try different activities also comes with the right environment having the right peers.

A healthy atmosphere is a solution to everything. Parents need to ensure that their child is being groomed in an enriching atmosphere. Even schools should focus on developing a child holistically and focusing on co-scholastic areas. The NEP, 2020 does focus on such areas and it also talks about vocational training and skill enhancement. This is indeed a positive step. Not only do schools but even colleges should have clubs and platforms which encourage students to participate and explore their interests.

Learning Together:

Devoting the right amount of time in these activities would result in making us productive. Digital penetration that is a very positive change should be exploited by providing nominal and affordable courses and skill enhancement training to people from remote areas. Cities and villages should indulge in community activities because more the people, the merrier it is. Learning together is a wonderful way of encouragement and it boosts participation of people.

Together they can indulge in both skilled and unskilled work according to their capability and not only be productive but at the same time create something of advantage and substance for the society they live in. Setting small goals facilitates productivity. If we burden ourselves with a lot of work all at once it becomes difficult to cope up. Also taking small breaks helps us stay rejuvenated.

Focusing Power:

Now it is time to address the elephant in the room. One can never be productive if they do not have focusing power. If we keep getting distracted there’s no way we will be productive. Even if we do get the results of our work, it would not be up to the mark or right on time because distractions suck our time. To be productive and to have focus everyone should practice focusing through meditation or yoga. Sitting in a quiet place all by ourself and having nothing around us but to be only surrounded by air is very very helpful. It gives us a chance to reflect and also increases our focusing capability.

Focus increases the productivity ten folds. Breaking exercises help in a similar way. Besides that we need to realise that accomplishing any task requires energy. A healthy diet keeps us active while a junk diet will make us more and more lethargic. A balanced diet also enhances our working capacity and provides us all essential minerals and nutrients.

Good Sleep:

Last but not the least, never ever underestimate the power of a good sleep. A good sleep refreshes the body, mind and soul. It invigorates and rejuvenates us and helps us carry our activities in an efficient way. A tired body which is sleep deprived would snatch away our productivity. Hence, a good sleep is extremely important to be productive. A proper sleep schedule keeps the body active and doesn’t bring upheaval to our hormones. A happy and a healthy body is necessary to be productive.


One also needs to realise that productivity has not a particular benchmark that one needs to touch. It is getting better everyday. It is growing better gradually and slowly, in all aspects. Being better not from others but from what we were yesterday. It doesn’t stop but is a lifelong process. One should not stress about being a certain way and feel dejected if results aren’t attained immediately. Instead one should be patient and enjoy the process of working and learning. When our perception shifts from focusing on results to focusing on getting better everyday,  the process of being productive becomes beautiful.


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