Esteemed Qualities of Devotee

Esteemed Qualities of Devotee

True disciple is a loyal student or follower to teachers. In religious term devotee is very sacred, sanctified, consecrated person, fully dedicated to the spiritual master.

He or she possesses full faith or trust in the benevolence of his or her spiritual guide who is the true messenger of God.

The devotee must lead a life of highest moral purity. Spiritual progress is not possible without morality at grass root level. The obligations and responsibilities as a good countryman are essential. Any thought or action that tends to create sensual pleasure of the body diverts our attention in wrong direction should be discarded.

The spirit must be strong enough to motivate our thinking away from flesh. Strong moral character forms the basis for realization of God.

The very first requisite for being a true devotee is to see initiation from a saint and consider the spiritual master as a true mentor, philosopher and guide for the whole life. Satguru blesses God words or logos to the follower and instructs to repeat these words daily and to concentrate on these words during meditation.

The divine words not only provide perpetual immense pleasure but also enables spiritual enhancement required to attain salvation. According to the religious aspect, there are two categories of people, “Gurmukh and Manmukh”. Gurmukh are the persons who eloquently follow the advice of their spiritual guide and remain dedicated to perform righteous actions. On the contrary, the “Manmukh” are persons who are governed by the wicked thoughts of their mind.

Desirable outstanding qualities:

The initiated person must be completely dedicated to the spiritual master and should sincerely follow his directions:

  1. The spiritual master acts as “Guru” who guides the follower to subdue the vicious thoughts of mind and promotes the status of soul. Every disciple is told to undertake the following pledges at the time of initiation:
  • Always take vegetarian diet. Never take egg, fish or flesh of any kind.
  • Never take alcoholic drink or any other intoxicant because these create personal health problems, family disputes and moral degradations.
  • Remain true to the life partner and never indulge in infidelity.
  • Spare a few moments for prayer and meditation every day on the divine words learnt during initiation.
  1. The devotee should perform the activities under the directions of spiritual master.
  2. Should adopt good habits and amiable behavior.
  3. Stay true to everyone and never try to deceive people for personal benefits.
  4. Should exert full control on mind and regulate undue desires.
  5. The devotee should remain humble, docile and contented.
  6. Render full attention to the guide lines of experts, experienced and elderly persons. Learn from the good qualities of others.
  7. Extend all possible manual, financial and moral help to the needy.
  8. Always feel and enjoy the grace of God.
  9. Always remain involved in positive activities in social welfare so as to enjoy the kind bliss of spiritual master.
  10. Try to maintain clean and pollution free environment.
  11. Always realize upon the earnings through self toil and try to thrive on least available resources.
  12. Develop self confidence and will power through spiritual enhancement.
  13. Remain involved in the praise and honor of spiritual master.
  14. As we clean a mirror to observe our image in a better manner, like-wise, we should clear our mind on all evil thoughts to visualize God.

Avoidable Activities:

  1. The devotees are requested to escape from following misdoings:
    Never take non-vegetarian meals because such act promotes anger, violence and instability in nature.
  2. Avoid the use of wine and all other intoxicants.
  3. Avoid and discourage ill legal sex.
  4. Never give or take bribery.
  5. Avoid deforestation (encourage a-forestation and re-forestation).
  6. Do not read any pornographic publications or watch movies. Avoid misuse of internet or face-book.
  7. Never pay disregard to people belonging to other religions.
  8. Do not feel annoyed or upset at the criticism of others; rather take it as caution or sign of attention to improve upon any misdoing.
  9. Do not feel envied at the progress of others.
  10. Do not observe laziness to postpone activities.
  11. Never demand self praise to avoid egoism.
  12. Avoid greed and superfluous attachment with materialistic achievements.
  13. Avoid anger, resentment and ill will for others.
  14. Do not indulge in bribery, nepotism and earning through mall practice.
  15. Avoid ostentations, superstitions and betrayal.
  16. Do not develop hatred for opponents and try to win their favor.
  17. Do not possess pride for high social status, strong wealth and political links.
  18. Do not get involved in or encourage criticism, condemnation, violence and in fighting.
  19. Never criticize or condemn the principles of serenity learnt from your spiritual guide.
  20. Avoid disclosing your experiences to anyone regarding divine success or visualization achieved during meditation.
  21. Do not disclose God words or logos to anyone perceived during initiation.

Advantages of Devotion:

  1. Perceive benevolence of God through the spiritual master.
  2. Improve the status of life-style.
  3. Command respect in the society.
  4. Develop good habits.
  5. Improve upon the environment by creating congenial atmosphere.
  6. Raise a society free from vices of dowry, bribery, nepotism, intoxicant, violence, prostitution etc.
  7. Gain confidence as soul power tonic to face odd situations.
  8. The person, who has advanced in divine communication, generates tranquility and delight all around. He becomes a source of strength and happiness for others.
  9. Simple and contented provide satisfaction. Such persons try to stay free from tension.
  10. Encourage activities which tend to increase love and reverence for spiritual master because He is the sole benefactor and ultimate source of eternal truth. All the tasks of social human welfare get performed with complete submission and passion. It comprises complete trust and grace in His kindness.
  11. Initiated persons believe in the oneness of God (the whole universe has been created by the super natural divine power).
  12. Saints are true messengers of Almighty God who incarnate on earth to wipe out the wickedness. They initiate and motivate the masses to guide the devotees for spiritual enhancement and pave way for their salvation.
  13. Spiritual progress is not possible without supreme morality in foundation.
  14. Develop sincere and true dealings with each other.
  15. The devotees make best utilization of their time in prayers and meditations.
  16. Become capable to attain divine blessings, eternal delight and peace of mind in the material and astral words.
  17. The benevolence of the spiritual master is unlimited and also granted to ancestors of many generations.

Most adorable saint of Dera Sacha Sauda, His Holiness Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan has launched more than hundred projects of social welfare for the progress of human race. More so, the devotees have been motivated to undertake pledges on sixty eight grounds to follow eloquent characters.

As per elaborations of religious philosophy during spiritual discourses it is cleared that the process of initiation provides assurance for attaining salvation because it creates affirmation to attach the soul with super soul. The initiated person comes in the reign of spiritual guide. Such person is not allowed to reach inferno through the god of death.

If the devotee has fulfilled the desired quantum of regular meditation, he or she becomes destined to get kind grace for eternal abode and salvation. Even if the initiated person does not strictly follow all the principles of the spiritual guide, such person is permitted to complete the task of meditation in the astral spheres before achieving the desired destination. When a person undertakes a policy of insurance, a timely premium has to be paid to receive the desired benefits. Like-wise the process of initiation has to be supported and supplemented with regular meditation and obtains the grace of spiritual master.

According to Hindu mythology, there are two major aspects to achieve the divine benevolence for devotees. “Gyanyog” comprises the process to learn and practice the guide lines bestowed by the spiritual master attained through initiation and meditation. “karamyog” involves the performance of right actions the virtuous deeds include contribution towards welfare service on manual and financial grounds but complete success to the devotees is assured due to submission on moral and spiritual levels.

Dr. Triloki Nath Chugh Insan, Co-ordinator, Shah Satnam Ji Educational Institutions, DSS, Sirsa (Haryana).


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