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5 Min Yoga for Stronger Arms

A secret to numerous solutions. Yoga is a divine way of attaining to several goals in life. It not only helps in toning up the body but also aids in providing inner peace.

Yoga has completely transformed the lives of several people. The Yoga has its roots in our Indian culture but today it has reached in every nook and corner of this world.

In order to beat the heat of life, people practice yoga for achieving different objectives. There are several yogic positions that are meant for each and every part of our body.

Women aspire for a toned and slim looking body. However, it sometimes happens that the overall body reduces but the arms fail to tone up. There are certain yogic postures that aid in toning up arms. By simply investing five minutes on five different yogic postures, one can achieve stronger and slimmer arms.

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Five Minute Yoga for Stronger Arms

Strength through Yoga

The foremost yogic position for stronger arms is the strength through yoga. In this particular position, the person needs to lie down completely. Then one needs to lift only the upper part of the body with the support of hands. Such position needs to held upto 5 breaths. This needs to be repeated 5 times.

Downward Dog

Downward dog is the second posture. In this posture , the person should kneel down with the help of both the arms. The toes are tucked with hips lifted towards the ceiling. The person should continue breathing. By breathing till 5 counts upto five to eight rounds, the person would certainly feel the strain in the arms. This indicates the response of yoga on arms.


From the downward dog position, the body is brought in a plank position. The body is lifted in a straight upward position. The hips are lowered by moving the torso in a forward direction. The arms are the major supporting organs. The toes are slightly lifted. The user should contract the abs and straighten the arms. The body is in line from head to heels.

Side Plank

As soon as plank is completed, the person should turn the body upward direction with the help of the right arm and the right leg. The abs remains tight. By exhaling and inhaling, the breathing count is continued for five times. After doing for one side, the person should return to plank and then repeat it for left side. This needs to be done two to three times initially and can be later increased as per stamina.


Chaturanga is the last position. It is an important posture. After returning from side plank position to plank one, the body is slightly lowered down and then taken upward. This is done with the help of the shoulders. Legs are in the same position.

Only the upper torso is moved. The abs are contracted. Elbows are bent to 90 degree position. This will aid in powering up the arms.

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