Tips to have a Great Home Garden Sachi Shiksha

Tips to Have a Great Home Garden

Gardening is not merely a hobby; it can be a passion for many enthusiasts.

It can be an activity that relaxes your mind and body by connecting you with nature. India is a country of diverse climatic conditions and so it becomes tricky to choose plants suiting as per the climate and thus maintain them in the best possible way.

If you consider the weather conditions carefully, it becomes easy to maintain a blooming and green garden throughout the year. You need to change your gardening schedule as per the changing seasons. Give a seasonal look to your garden and it will look flourishing and attractive to the visitors too.

If you love gardening, you need to spend some time regularly to create your dream garden. And fortunately, it is not so difficult if you follow some simple yet important tips. Your garden will always look beautiful and give you peace of mind and joy.

Select the Suitable and Low Maintenance Plants

It is always advisable to choose plants which would be suitable for Indian climatic conditions. Select plants which need low maintenance. It becomes difficult to maintain plants which cannot bear extreme weather conditions. Many of Indian locations have extreme summer and monsoon which cannot be borne by every plant. If you are interested in developing an outdoor garden, selection of plants would be very crucial for you.

Go For Long Living Plants

Short living and seasonal plants require a lot of care and attention as compared to long living plants. Seasonal plants do give a touch of beauty to your garden; however, they would demand a lot of efforts.
Seasonal Flowers Add Magic

Select the best seasonal flower plants of your area, like jasmeen, chameli and so on. These plants not only add colors to your garden but also spread the magic of enticing fragrance.

Check the Resistance of Plants

Resistance of the plants is very important. Numerous diseases affect the plants as per changing season. Make sure you choose the plants which have good resistance power. It will save your energy as well as money.

Know Basic Pesticides

When you plan to have your own garden, it becomes imperative to know some basic pesticides which will help you ward off the diseases of plants. You can make use of organic pesticides as well.

Watering and Cutting

You may have to change the watering pattern as per the changing Indian weather. The requirement of water changes with the type of plants, some require less water and some require more. Understand the water requirement of a plant and then water it accordingly. You also need to maintain the plants by regular and proper cutting which will help them bloom better.

Air and Light

If you want to have an indoor garden, you need to first think about the availability of air and light. Though indoor plants require less light, they should not be kept in dark places. They need moderate air and light. Keep in view the availability of the sunlight when you arrange the plants in an outdoor garden as some plants require ample sunlight.

Edible Plants

You can have edible plants in your garden and that will give you a special happiness. Growing your own vegetables is a good experience. You can easily grow a variety of vegetables and fruits in your garden. Lime, spinach, tomato, papaya, mango and coconut are some of the famous and most grown varieties. Your garden can provide you a regular supply of fruits and vegetables for daily use.

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