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Martin Luther said once that, “The hair is the richest ornament of women.” And to maintain this richest ornament one needs to have a healthy diet and healthy body. It is better to have some basic idea on Essential Nutrients for Hair so that they can make and maintain it healthily.

People misbelieve that the use of any hair shampoo or hair oil makes the hair healthy, but it’s not correct.

The secret to healthy hair is eating healthy food and drinking plenty of water. Nutrient intake gives healthiest hair to the person following a healthy lifestyle.

Get Healthy Hair with Essential Nutrients: Tips

Zinc and Iron

Hair follicles grow when they get zinc and iron. Vegetarian items such as lentils or soya bean, food items containing


like oranges are useful for hair growth. Lack of vitamin-c makes the hair more exposed to breakage. Some foods high in vitamin-c are red pepper, strawberries and citrus fruits.


Dermatologists suggest that daily intake of Vitamin-D help hair growth. Eating food supplements containing vitamin-D or daily intake of vitamin capsules help hair growth. It can be obtained from daily sunlight as well.

Protein intake

Protein intake promotes growth of hair cells and even repairs them when required. It also increases strength of hair. As per dermatologists 46 grams of protein is required as nutrient to maintain natural health of hair.

Fatty Acids like Omega-3

One gram of fatty acid like omega-3 can be consumed twice a week to maintain the hair moisture and keep them hydrated. It also makes the hair silky and also reduces depression and stress. Avocado, walnut, and flax seeds are great source of fatty acids.


A daily intake of vitamin-B which is present in. Other food products rich in vitamin-B are oats, nuts and brown rice.

Silica intake

Mangoes, beans, cucumber, green leafy vegetables, asparagus, celery contain silica which is important for hair growth. Also Brazil nuts and pumpkin seeds are rich in silica.

Treatment for Thyroid

women with thyroid gland have thin hair, to reduce the affect food items with iodine should be eaten. Sea food is rich in iodine and can be eaten. A specialist should be consulted in case suffering from a thyroid.

Boost Scalp blood circulation

A hair massage with rosemary oil is beneficial as it increases blood circulation of the scalp, this a traditional treatment adapted from olden days.


Prevents breakage – to prevent hair breakage and nourish hair vitamin D capsules are consumed as sometimes body does not generate sufficient keratin to minimize the hair breakage. Natural food items rich in vitamin-E are apricot, cooked olives and spinach, almonds and nuts and sunflower seeds.

Genetically hair can be thin or thick, but proper nutrition of hair can uphold its well-being.

The hair conditions showcase the inner health of a human being. Obviously a healthy mind and healthy body will have healthy hair.

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