Yoga Se Hoga:

“Yoga is not only ‘Rog Mukti’ but also ‘Bhog Mukti’.

Yoga is not about what one can get out of it. It is rather about what one can give up, what one can get rid of” – PM Narendra Modi.

The tagline “Yoga se Hoga” caught the limelight initially on this year’s International Yoga Day, when the world gathered and celebrated its 6th international Yoga Day anniversary on 21st June.

The enthusiasm was on the peak when our honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi and few former Indian cricketers such as Harbhajan Singh, Virendra Sehwag and Mohammad Kaif had shared glances of some yoga postures on their social media accounts. Looking at the global pandemic situation, the theme was decided as – “Yoga for health, Yoga at home”.

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It is truly said that yoga is the only way for humans to stay in harmony with the environment. The fact is never denied that Indian yoga is being practiced from ancient times and has evolved with the changing lifestyle of people. Yoga is a path towards self-knowledge and introspection that is achieved via positive thinking, discipline, kindness and humble chants or prayers.

The pandemic and lockdown situation has positively given a reality check to the people about the importance of good health, mind, body and spirit. People of all ages around the world are getting aware about the importance of exercise in their daily routine, and most of them are choosing yoga as there fitness partner as it requires very minimal indoor space and has proven to calm your mind and soul. It may take a while to get the practice in your routine but it is worth trying for as there are multiple theories and researches done that scientifically proves the immunity-boosting capacity of “yoga asanas”.

Have you ever wondered why so many philosophers consider yoga as one of the ways to lead a calmer, happier and fulfilling life? The answer is simple but it conceives a deeper meaning when they tell us how the ‘asanas’ help human body to gain a proper physical and mental alignment to attain a happy life. Some very recognizable benefits of yoga are – detoxification of the body, improvement in overall health and achieving mental and physical strength. Once the body adapts the yoga routine our mind automatically becomes sensitive towards our body that helps to keep a check on healthy lifestyle and eating habits.

The idea of vacation tempts everyone because deep down we try to seek the peace of mind by changing the chaotic environment. But wouldn’t it be more lucrative if we get an opportunity to experience the peace of mind within? Practicing yoga helps in giving a mini-vacation and experience a serene environment whenever you want and proves to be one of the best ways to pacify a disturbed mind.

There are multiple ways to relax, some will help to relax the mind and some other will relax the body and as it is known that mind and body are interconnected so some methods help both at the same time. When yoga and meditation are performed together the result is soulful. While yoga stretches and relaxes the muscles the meditation helps in focusing the attention on things that are happening in the present situation, for example, concentrating on the breathing pattern while performing ‘asanas’ will help an individual to rejuvenate.

Another untouched benefit of yoga and meditation is the gradual improvement in intuitions, it gives your body the power to realize and act upon things spontaneously to sanction positive results. We all are born with a natural sense of intuition but practicing yoga regularly improves the instincts and helps an individual to listen to the inner voice; understand the signals of subconscious mind and follow the guidance that comes from within. Yoga calms our mind and helps in understanding the difference between impulse and true intuition which are not influenced by anyone in our surroundings.

The reality of today’s materialistic world is surrounded by the illusions and makes it easy to get lost in all of its glitters. People need to the understand and look for the reality to find a path which is only possible if we introspect ourselves and try to find the ultimate truth which is hidden deep down in the subconscious mind. Practicing yoga‘asanas’ and following its principles allows an individual to attain a strong sense of intuition over the time. According to some yoga experts, it is important to create a space in our mind where our guidance and intuitions can penetrate. The stillness and calm pauses between the ‘asanas’ and inhale-exhale is the space where our intuitions reside.

Everybody has his or her own share of responsibilities, packed-up schedules and long working hours which somehow makes him/her neglect the urge of leading a happy and healthy life. We tend to forget the balance between work and personal life which ultimately leads to unhappy relationships, poor health and stressful life. This is why it is important to practice yoga to enhance the quality of life by balancing the mind, body and soul. Leading a disciplined and balanced life makes a person happier, calmer and wiser.

To conclude, yoga is the path to find your true self and meaning of your existence. So, remember the mantra “Yoga Se Hoga” to live a healthy, happy and peaceful life.


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