Yoga and Mind Healing 

Yoga and Mind Healing                                                       

Yoga is an ancient art that originated in India thousands of years ago. Earlier, people were used to practice yoga and meditation in their daily lives to lead healthy and strong lives. However, in such a crowded and busy environment, the practice of yoga was falling from day to day.

Yoga is very safe and can be practiced safely by anyone, anytime by children. Yoga is a practice of bringing body parts together to create the balance of body, mind, and soul.

In today’s environment, many people are suffering from stress and anxiety of day to day living and are finding themselves unable to cope with life’s emergencies. Prescription drugs are on the rise due to the increasing need for people to deal with their stress and anxiety.

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This is why many are searching for ways to be less stressed and live a happy and healthy life without drugs. If stress and anxiety are getting the best of you, one must try yoga .

Yoga is now regarded in the western world as a holistic approach to health and is classified by the National Institutes of Health as a form of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). The word ‘yoga’ comes from a Sanskrit root ‘yuj’, which means union, or yoke, to join, and to direct and concentrate one’s attention.

Regular practice of yoga promotes strength, endurance, flexibility and facilitates characteristics of friendliness, compassion, and greater self-control, while cultivating a sense of calmness and well-being. Sustained practice also leads to important outcomes such as changes in life perspective, self-awareness and an improved sense of energy to live life fully and with genuine enjoyment.

The practice of yoga produces a physiological state opposite to that of the flight-or-fight stress response and with that interruption in the stress response, a sense of balance and union between the mind and body can be achieved.

Life is full of mysteries and challenges. We usually encounter some difficulties and problems, which affects our health. Sometimes it drives one into the darkest place when you are physically, emotionally, and mentally drained of energy. Moreover, a lot of evidence which becomes known is usually found in what we think, what we feel and what we believe to be true.

Mind healing, which is nothing but practicing self-healing, changes one to become positive in many ways. Being a positive person is the best treatment to heal and helps you to achieve your goal.

Yoga is a fast and easy way of self-healing. It is a powerful technique that helps you to release and move towards higher goals. Our body restrains cellular memory of all our traumas, both emotional and physical and it will give up physical discomfort.

It means universal life force energy. It is a hand placement for energy by the body to heal itself and refill the stored energy. You can feel a deep relaxation and a peace of mind. Another mind healing high technology  is the self-healing polymer.

Yoga is a form of mind-body fitness that involves a combination of muscular activity and an internally directed mindful focus on awareness of the self, the breath, and energy. Four basic principles underlie the teachings and practices of yoga’s healing system.

The first principle is the human body. It is a holistic entity comprising various interrelated dimensions inseparable from one another and the health or illness of any one dimension affects the other dimensions.

The second principle is that individuals and their needs are unique, and therefore, must be approached in a way that acknowledges this individuality and their practice must be tailored accordingly.

The third principle in yoga is self-empowering. The student is his or her own healer. Yoga engages the student in the healing process by playing an active role in their journey toward health, the healing comes from within, instead of from an outside source and a greater sense of autonomy is achieved.

The fourth principle is that the quality and state of an individual’s mind is crucial to healing. When the individual has a positive mind-state, healing happens more quickly.

In Yoga Sutras, Patanjali outlines an eight-fold path to awareness and enlightenment called ashtanga, which literally means “eight limbs”. The eight limbs include ethical principles for living a meaningful and purposeful life. Serving as a prescription for moral and ethical conduct and self-discipline, they direct attention towards one’s health while acknowledging the spiritual aspects of one’s nature.

There are many types of yoga, such as Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, and Hatha Yoga. When most people talk about yoga in India, they talk about exercises like Tadasana, Dhanushasana, Bhujangasana, Kapal Bharti and Anulom-Vilom. Yoga is an important system of complementary or alternative medicine.

In the western world, the most common aspects of yoga practiced are the physical postures and breathing practices of Hatha yoga and mind healing. Hatha yoga enhances the capacity of physical body through the use of a series of body postures, movements (asans), and breathing techniques (pranayam).

Yogic practices enhance muscular strength and body flexibility, promote and improve respiratory and cardiovascular function, promote recovery from and treatment of addiction, reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain, improve sleep patterns, and enhance overall well-being and quality of life.

Today, people all over the world practise yoga as an exercise, meditation and self-healing (mind and body). But yoga is much more than this. It is also an ancient wisdom to live a healthy, happy, and peaceful life. It helps in finding inner peace and union with oneself.

Yoga is an art of living life through mental, spiritual, and physical paths. It allows one to attain peace and tap into the consciousness of the inner self. Yoga works at the level of a body, mind, and energy. It helps to learn how to cope with the challenges of daily life by rising above the stress of mind, emotions, and low physical needs.

The International Yoga Day or World Yoga Day was announced in the General Assembly of the United Nations on 21 June following India’s initiative and suggestion. Yoga includes various types of yoga actions like Pranayam and Kapaal Bharti, which are the most effective breath actions. By practicing them regularly, people get relief in respiratory problems and diseases like high and low blood pressure.


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