Silence-The Inner Connection

Silence-The Inner Connection

 “A meaningfulsilence is always better than meaningless words.”

In today’s stressful environment filled with discord& clamor the best therapy that can help is Silence. Small quiet intermissions all through the day can work as a bond with ourselves while easing and healing us. As per Julie Potiker ‘Silence can benefit us if used wisely’. The silent moment can be getting rid of outer noise, watching a sunset or remembering someone you admire. Excessive noise & invigoration that approaches us without a break can be stupefying.

Keep your mobiles on airplane mode and put a deep thought on how will you use the silence and let yourself calm down.  If the quiet time is being used so as to worry and reminisce about the past which basically is the primitive action taken by the brain when our brain is free and without any task but it’s not at all helpful and make things worse. By acting in the opposite manner is desirable thinking about something positive in order to redirect your mind towards the positivity of life.

There are many benefits of silence like it helps us live consciously. Many philosophers and psychologists are of the same opinion on this matter that silence has the capability to wake us up and give meaningful answers to all problems in our lives. It can provide us with a slight nudge to let us know that something is wrong while making it possible to be in touch with our own body and emotions.Even though it makes us uncomfortable but the psychological benefits of experiencing silence tend to a more purposeful living.

It can increase our self-compassion, self-awareness and decision making as it provides us with a better mental clarity. Silence also acts as a tool towards increased emotional regulation. It acts as a filler between our emotions and our reactions or expressions. It helps us in taking a brief pause and lets us dwell on our  action with a cool & calm mind.Another benefit of silence is enhanced conversations since by opting silence we can literally listen more and provide others with an opportunity to share their deeper thoughts thereby strengthening and enhancing relationships.

Silence can be applied to be attentive & compassionate. The first and foremost step towards healing emotionally is the attentiveness or mindfulness. It enables to move towards as well as acknowledge our complex thoughts and emotions such as confusion, sadness, anger or inadequacy engulfed in the spirit of curiosity and openness. The self-compassion comprises of giving a response to these complex thoughts and emotions with gentle understanding and sympathy so as to comfort ourselves in times when we are hurt. The self-compassion has the capacity to stimulate our emotional well being while reducing depression and anxiousness, boosting happiness and even maintaining healthy lifestyle like exercise and diet.

Majority of people have a minute fear towards silence while many others really get a chance to experience it.So as a solution we can tend towards activities which will help us practice silence like switching off the radio while driving, doing yoga or sitting idly watching a sunset or a sunrise in the porch and immersing in the quietness and stillness of nature. Before going to bed sitting silently with a calm mind and listening to the tick-tock of wall clock helps us  regain our peace of mind and soothes us. It can help us roam around the good things that had happened to us and the things that we are thankful for in our respective lives. Stillness and silence are powerful means to recover our lost happiness and contentment.

We all are engulfed in all sorts of noises around us, may it be the sound of vehicles, loudspeakers, TV, radio and all sorts of machines. The natural peace of our mind is repeatedly hampered by the shattering of our ego. This shattering occupies our minds the moment we wake up till the moment we go to sleep. Unending series of memories, wishes, worries, future plans, daydreams etc which are out of our controlling capability contribute to the inner noise. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that the inner noise is much more disturbing as compared to the outer sounds.

As a result of all the outer sounds and inner noises we get detached from our true self which is actually the purest form of our consciousness. When we are able to experience the calmness through silence we are able to get hold of our true consciousness, and this self-consciousness in turn gives us the sense of us being rooted firmly. Either we are in contact with our true self or not is based on the amount of external stimulations experienced by our senses as well as the deep disturbances that go on in our minds. Stealing some time for silence conveys us the message that we are worth hearing. Honor the gift of life by practicing silence daily.


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