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Effects of Positive Thinking on Physical & Mental Health

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Choice is Yours

The human life is full of surprises. If you want to remain happy, you must have full faith in yourself. Follow the motto that whatever happens, it happens is for good only. To go against the flow is a big challenge but if you accept, it you do miracle.

Sometime even traditional society may reject you and do not accept you, but if you are firm in your stand, one day you will be recognized.

Positive thinking gives you energy to fight and you are filled with a divine energy. If one has negative behavior, not only he himself suffers but also make suffer the surroundings also. Most of the diseases are psychosomatic. Even ulcers which can be diagnosed in the laboratory are the result of worry and anxiety.

When you take your food in worry, it is not digested properly with the result that wounds start appearing in the stomach and if not treated properly in time, it can be a cause of cancer also. Heart problems, diabetes and blood pressure are the causes of constant stress. There can also be diseases caused by the psychological reasons. In other words, these diseases afflict us due our mental disturbances.

Even if we start marching honestly towards positivity direction amidst negative circumstances, we can lead a happy and changed life. The changes that would wait for us are simply beyond our imagination. Research reveals that keeping enthusiastic approach is not only brings happiness but also bring qualitative improvements in our lives.

If we develop such means it also brings happiness and freshness on our face for a longer period.

For example if a child is running round the trees, playing with his/her friends, the developmental activities of an athlete comes in him. Playing with team develops communication skills in the children.

After years, that athletic quality can be changed in a scholarship and communication skill can be helpful in the business manager related job.

Now the question arises how we can increase our positive thinking? There are so many ways. To brief them we can say:

With Meditation

The people who do meditation daily, positivity reflected on their face. Doing meditation continuously for three months is reflected in mindfulness means concentration or focusing on present, social behavior and decrease in symptoms of diseases. More to that writing on the positive points is also very easy.

In the research, even three days writing on positive approach lessened the symptoms of diseases. We prepare calendars for the responsibilities, meetings and other works but do not have space for sports. The sports not only make you more energetic but responsible and down to earth also.

Previously, it was said that the brain structure is inherited and once it is built its formation cannot be changed. But now it has been found that your thinking process can change your mental approach also. With positive approach, positive change comes on that part of the brain which is the centre of coordination between the brain and the mind.

The researchers studying the human behavior find that people with hopeful mentality always remain happy and in good mood and they remain more successful. The most important is that they spend very less time alone. They have good relations with others.

They have good health-related habits. More to that, they have more resistance-power compared to others.

A social worker related to the eradication of HIV positive says “Be positive but not HIV positive”.

Man is a social animal.

We move in the society. Society gives us the sense of security. It saves us from so many indirect diseases which have direct effect on our body and soul.

When we knit close relations with our surrounding people, we save us from so many diseases and are filled with natural energy and build a healthy family which in long run builds a healthy society.

If you keep positive approach, you loose nothing. My grandfather used to say that if you feel that you are the most-unhappy person, one day you go to hospital and the other day to a graveyard. You will come to know how lucky you are?

“I was sad because I had no shoes. But at the end of the corner, there was a boy who had no feet.” Who is more sad? Glass of water with half water has two means. You can say that glass is half-full or you can say glass is half empty.

The approach lies with you how you react to it.

In a book it was mentioned that 90% incidents in our life are good and only 10% incidents are wrong. It is up to you to thank God for that 90% blessings or you can curse for 10% incidents. Always try to see the positive thing even in a negative incident.

Once a man was lying under the tree and the tree was big with huge branches and thick leaves. But the fruits were very small.

The man was laughing. Which God have made such a big tree with very small fruit? I can say you need advice. In the meantime a bird came and sat.

When the bird flew a small fruit fell down on the eyes of the lying man. Then he realized if God had made a big fruit, that fruit could damage his eyes altogether. Now he thanked God and said that whatever you do is right. We realize it afterwards.

If you are sitting in a train, do you put the luggage on your head? No, you put it down. When you are travelling with God leave aside all the burdens and you will think that how light you become. Believing in God is not a religious act. It is a way of life free from all worldly and inner burdens and thus making you energetic and calm like a child.

This belief purifies your inner part. This takes all your worries and positive person will always be constructive and not destructive.

And when he is constructive, he will build a peaceful society.

If you have got lemons, instead of complaining for it, why not you prepare a sweet juice from it? It will cool your body and mind. For positive thinkers, world is a beautiful garden and for negative thinkers it is a slaughter house.

Choice is yours!


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