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Pollution involves drastic changes in the environment which directly or in-directly cause adverse effects in structure, functions, behavior etc.

of the human beings and other forms of life. People should change their present attitude towards nature.

They should learn to live as a part of nature and not its master. They should make sincere efforts to improve the environment and re-new the resources so as to save human and all other form of life. They should be dedicated for the progress of community and human values.

Mental pollution creates cumbersome situation not only for the person concerned but also for the family, society and nation. Wicked thoughts and evil actions tend to damage the peaceful and congenial atmosphere of working and life style.

Although general pollutants of air, water, noise, land and radiations have their ill-effects on mind but these are mostly physical and chemical. Mental pollution is mostly bio-logical.

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Air Pollution:

It can be due to deforestation; reducing trend of oxygen; dust particles; carbon particles due to smoke from industries, forest fire; fumes from pesticides; gases emanated from sewerage, thermal plants; burning of rubber, polythene, wood, coal; chloro-flouro-carbon from jet planes etc.

Water Pollution:

It may be due to contamination of water in ponds, canals, rivers, lakes and sea through sewerage, industries, pesticides, fertilizers; debris; dead bodies of animals and plants; oil spills etc.

Noise Pollution:

Major causes are loud sound from music system, horns, sirens; blasts, crackers; old motor vehicles; heavy industries; jet planes etc.

These pollutants not only effect the physical health but also have adverse effects on mental activities.

Causes of Mental Pollution:

There may one or more of the following reasons to bring undesired effects.

Disputes with relatives and friends, Tussles with life-partner and disturbed family life, Death of kiths and kins, Problems with boss and sub-ordinates; Personal diseases of vital organs like brain, heart, kidneys, lungs, liver; Certain accidents, Un-employment, Scarcity of funds, Loneliness in old age, Wicked thoughts, Evil actions, Illicit behavior, Bad habits, Indulge in falsehood, Involvement in theft, cheating, gambling etc., Involvement and promotion of violence, Indulge in use of alcohol and intoxicants, Taking non-veg.

diet, Criticize other religions, Adopt selfish attitude, Neglect duties in business or office, Think against nation, Adopt hypocrisy, superstition, bribery, nepotism etc., Lack of opportunities, Selfishness even during community service, Bad company, Treasures of wealth collected through cruelty, High status of political links, Indulge in prostitution or encourage illegal sex, Dominance of mind over feeble state of soul.

Effects of Mental Pollution

  1. Disturbed family life.
  2. Earn disrespect in family and society.
  3. Lack of affection.
  4. Pay disregard to parents and elders.
  5. Lead daily life under tensions.
  6. Loss of trust worthiness.
  7. Self praise because the person feels over confident, sometimes feels as master of the universe above God.
  8. Suffer with diseases due to alcohol, intoxicants, immoral attitude etc.
  9. Psychological problems.
  10. Reduction in life span.
  11. Sometimes, develop the tendency to commit suicide.
  12. Negative thinking, condemn everyone and condone no one.
  13. Involvement in illegal and immoral acts.
  14. Involvement in court cases.
  15. Adapt to anger, lust, greed, egoism etc.
  16. Never care for improvement of personal and social environment.
  17. Develop habit of snatching on failures of achievements.
  18. Try to earn through deceit and bribery.
  19. Generally get involved in violence and quarrel.
  20. Nurtures tension and creates tension for others.
  21. Feels peevishness and sour most of the time.
  22. Immoral deeds lead to disastrous consequences.
  23. Create many physical, chemical and like-wise pollutions

Prevention and treatment of mental pollution

Major prevention depends upon protection from its causes; however, certain remedial aspects are being suggested here:

  1. Psychological treatment through medical experts.
  2. Timely checkup and treatment of diseases pertaining to vital organs like heart, kidneys, lungs, liver etc.
  3. Concentrate on good habits, strong characters and amiable behavior.
  4. Develop willpower and determination to confront with tough situations.
  5. Get involved in tasks of creativity.
  6. Overcome unhappiness. Enjoy the delight from the resources available and thus avoid tension.
  7. Develop simplicity and humanity in life style. Induce purity of thoughts and actions.
  8. Get involved in selfless, voluntary service to humanity.
  9. Most adorable saint of Dera Sacha Sauda Sirsa, Haryana, His Holiness Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan preaches during holy discourses that regular prayers and meditations provides eternal and perpetual bliss. Initiation to divine words provides relief to body, mind and soul.

The spirit gets the strength and confidence to relieve the mind of all tensions. Such persons never suffer from mental pollution. The person who is engrossed in reverence and prayer of god is becomes capable to seek protection from evil mind and vices.

Every person should introspect, examine and analyze the status of noble thoughts. One should try to seek the solution of every problem through spiritual discourse because it is the best place where virtuous knowledge of soul and Super-soul is imparted.

Dr. Triloki Nath Chugh Insan,
Co-ordinator, Shah Satnam Ji Educational Institutions,
DSS, Sirsa (Haryana).


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