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Happiness is regarded as a state of mind. “Who is rich? the answer is, The one who appreciates what he has.

Being happy and smiling always is extremely important to lead a better life. Hearty smile and happiness is interlinked.

Only a heart that is happy can wear a bright and a flawless smile. Happiness is a matter of choice. It is revealed that you lose out 60 seconds of your happiness for every minute devoted to anger or irritation.

To be happy, be true to yourself. Life is not just all about pleasing everyone but more of being expressive.

Implementing the following 10 simple steps in your day-to-day life will surely make you happy earning you a beautiful and serene smile.

Be at your Best

Put in your best shot for everything you do. Connect with your goals genuinely and make efforts to execute your plans well in time. Do not compare yourself with other but do not even quit on bringing out the best in you. This will help you develop self confidence and complacency which will lead to a smiling way of life.

Be with Right People

Choose the group of people who are smart and productive. Have healthy discussions with them. It leads to the emission of positive vibes that will surround your persona with stronger and healthier energies. This will in turn result into a healthy body and peaceful mind making you smile.

Be Satisfied

Focus on the things you have rather than thinking of what you are missing out . Be grateful to the qualities you are blessed with instead of cribbing over the ones you are not having in you. The areas of insufficiency can be tackled with a smile which is an outcome of positive attitude and satisfaction.


Most of the times, the things in life that are not happening as per your wishes are taken negatively. This leads to even more complications than the actual mess. Having a right attitude towards everything, smaller or bigger, that comes your way is substantial. A smiling attitude even to the adversities will keep up the charm in you to lead the situations to better and greater happiness and satisfaction.

Be Honest

Being cheater and unfaithful will lead to a negatively attitude. This will give you a feeling of self insufficiency of having the best. Wearing a smile will always save you from doing wrong things because only a pure and true heart can bring out a genuine smile.

Smiling is neither a miracle nor a rocket science. It is a simple task. It can be done even more often. Instead of waiting for others to smile, do it yourself. A true and genuine smile makes everything perfect and everyone feel better. Smiling is the best thing with which you can gift yourself It is the prime thing that actually makes you happier and happier.

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