Making Society Humane By Natural Values

Today, we live in the world of increasing knowledge, and knowledge explosion has changed the daily contours of daily existence. The vitality of science and technology is the main driver of globalization, urbanization, modernization, industrialization etc. In spite of all these developments, the world is in turmoil at every level.

The armaments race has brought to doorstep the prospect of a horrendous end to life on this planet. The specters of terrorism, sectarians violence etc. are the dark shadows on today’s life. At the personal level, alienation, stress and frustration have produced drug culture, crime and street violence etc. All these do not originate in the environment and structure of society but represents a profound inadequacy in the psyche of man.

When child is born, his mind is blank, innocent, and it can’t differentiate between good and bad. His parents and the social environment around him are the determining factors through which values are formed. He learns from his parents teaching : love and care he receives from parents and childhood experiences.

Values are like the sun. If one day the sun suddenly disappears, there will be total darkness. Similarly, if values are missing in our lives, there will be no principle to guide us towards the right direction or help us make the right decision. Our actions and behavior are determined by our emotions which are further influenced by our values. Values make us stronger, determine our future and guide us towards peace, prosperity, success and happiness.

We all are part of nature. Nature provides abundant and generous wealth. Nature teaches us the morals and values that we must possess so as to lead a peaceful life.

A teacher must teach his/her students the following lessons of life :


Nature teaches us never to lose confidence when you face trouble, pain and obstacle in life. Just keep going like a river. River starts her journey from higher mountains and goes through stones, thorns; she becomes clean, clear, serving all living creatures; she create fertile lands etc. before merging in the sea.


Nature give us cool breeze and pure air, fresh oxygen to breathe, flowers, fruits and vegetables, shades, medicines. Nature shares everything with us without any expectations. But we, human being receive all these from nature happily but give back deforestation, dry lands, global warming, pollution etc.


When we share joys they get doubled when sorrows are shared they get halved. In nature we can see, when any bird finds a small piece of food, he calls others and shares it with them.They share their things happily with their fellow beings.


Out of all living creatures only man is the most endangered species. With his intelligence and knowledge, he made nuclear weapons, bombs, tunnels, etc. that are dangerous for our planet. Other species show value like live and let live. There are many species which have short life span but live calmly, cheerfully without any jealouy. They live as there is no tomorrow, for example, rose, bees and bugs etc. We can observe them, they enjoy every moment of their life.


All species in nature believe in their own instincts. They do all their tasks and work independently with self confidence. For example many birds migrate from one place to another according to the weather conditions. Also birds collect tiny leaves, etc over long distance, knit and build their own beautiful nests. They teach us to live life full of confidence and dignity.


The oceans and seas never show their deepness and vastness. They never show how many precious things they have in their depth. They give us salt, gems and so many precious things. Also they serve as sweet home for many species. They give us a message never show off your knowledge Just help people with your knowledge/ talent. Stay calm and enjoy serenity.


Nature gives us message that nothing can spoil your own qualities even in the worst conditions if you are strong and stable. For example, water lily blooms in the mud. But it seems fresh and fragrant though dirt around it. Nothing can contaminate the beauty and fragrance of the water lily. So, don’t get perturbed by unnecessary distractions.


The bodies like the sun, the moon, the stars, etc. never take rest. They rise at right time in right direction. Imagine if the sun does not rise at proper time, there will be no photosynthesis process and food, no climatic and weather changes, no water evaporation, no water cycle process and there will be no rain. There will be no life and our planet will become dormant. So, nature teaches us the lesson of punctuality. If we expect others to be perfect, we should try to do our part perfectly.


The animals, birds and plants in nature do their work calmly, actively and peacefully. They are always busy in their work. For example long trains of ants carry food above their head. They never lose their confidence, they join their hands with one another and carry food to their destination. That is what we call ‘Team Work’.


Out of all creatures, man is the best example of the creation of God. Man has the ability of transforming his surroundings. He can develop and enhance the quality of life for his fellow human beings. But to meet his needs, he uses the same creativity in destroying the quality of nature and causes harm to the living beings on the earth. Nature is the best teacher that teaches us morals and values so that we can lead our life peacefully and cheerfully.

The values we learn from nature bring peace, respect, equality, sense of humility and co-existence in human beings and make our planet clean and green of fit to live.
Ms.Inderjit Kaur Insan( Assistant Prof.), L.L.R.M. College of Education, Dhudike (Moga) Mr. Avtar Singh Insan.(Hoshiarpur)

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