Relationship Must Be Nurtured, Mutually Respected

Relationship Must Be Nurtured, Mutually Respected

Bonding Permanently

Where some misunderstanding or ignorance spoils the relations, the mutual understanding can bridge it. If can even strengthen the broken relationships as well. The relationships can be compared with an ice bowl which is very easy to build, but very difficult to maintain and nurture. As a gardener keeps the trees and plants alive by continuous care, like that the human relations can be kept sweet by giving healthy time, mutual understanding. If nurturing the relationships becomes the weakness of a person, remember he is the STRONGEST person.

We can classify the relationships in four parts.

  1. Blood relationships
  2. Social relationships
  3. Professional relationships
  4. Emotional relationships.

All Have Their Own Importance:

Though blood relations we get from our birth but maintaining that relationship is also very necessary. Maintaining means that care has to be taken for this. Care also does not mean that you have to do buttering and flattering. Only thing is that you have to give time and also it needs understanding.

Emotional Need of Today:

The current trend of nucleus families and one kid culture, the people are left alone. Today the crowded joint family relations are not seen. So the importance of the ties not having blood relationship is felt.  Like friendship, corporate or neighborhood relations are also there. Though   these relationships are knitted according to our need, but if we add love and belongingness in this, there is no harm in it. Instead these will make us strong.  We do not know when these relationships are deepened and give you life-long support.  These relationships today have become our emotional need.


Do Not Be Attached Much:

No matter if it is blood, social, professional or emotional relations. Set a limit for every relationship.  This limit should not fixed one sided, but the limit should be fixed keeping in mind both the sides. Means do not go too deep in the relationship.  Dip yourself only to the extent that it becomes easy to swim.  Means you should be attached to the extent you can maintain the relationship lovingly.

Keep Distance:

Sometimes we feel excessive attachment towards someone whereas he even avoids even meeting us. In that case we should also make some distance. Sometimes we do not understand that we are becoming an extra burden on someone. In these circumstances, making a little distance can bring back the lost warmness again.

Money is the Problem:

These days money plays the most important role in breaking away the relationships. With the time, cost of living and responsibility has increased, whereas the income is stands still.  If anyone expects financial help, we cannot fulfill that. It is necessary that we make a Daira or limit in our relationships and transparency is a must for that.


  1. Maintain soft and humble relationship and also keep some distance with the in-laws of your daughter and also in son’s in-laws.
  2. There is generation gap in parents and the children. This should be honored by both of them.
  3. Do not allow ego to come in between
  4. Dialogue is very necessary
  5. Profession and social relations should be in their limits. Do not make them personal
  6. If having personal anger, do not show it publicly
  7. Trust is very necessary in love relationships
  8. Do not take personal background in consideration. Give respect.

Now we come to most sensitive relationships:

means love (relationships).  Much research has been done on this particular field.
Here we are giving you the researches made on LOVE relationships in different countries of the world:
Valentine day is celebrated on 14th February every year. You can also make your relationship more beautiful by knowing the research made on love and relationships.

Study reveals on the research made on the married couples that they marry to almost the same DNA persons. To nurture and maintain this lifelong relationship the emotion of love is left far behind. On the research made in America on more than 800 persons, it is found that they want to marry the person of the same DNA.

One of the scientist revealed that they did minute investigation of nucleotide Polymorphism. DNA is built with the help of nucleotide polymorphism. It is found that people want to marry a person of the same background and character. Caste and Creed, religion, age and income comes in this. Height is considered to be the most important factor while selecting the partner.

There is Difference Between Love and Relationship:

According to a study, the brain is capable enough in its natural state to distinguish between love and physical relationship.  The study says that the need for relationships is much stronger than normal emotions.

Love at the First Sight or Lover In Five Seconds:

According to analysis of brain imaging, when a person see another of his or her liking, the love emotions starts in five seconds. It is the basis of the saying ‘Love at first sight’.  The chemical process of love affects 12 different spots in the brain.  The chemicals of love   which flow from brain to body are just like the general dose of cocaine.

Touch Therapy:

A research on the couples and also between mother and a new born baby revealed that touching heels all the stress of the spouse or the kid who is having some problem and which is not explained in words.  The emotional touch of the spouse or the mother or any relation becomes healing touch.  This is particularly so as no one today is untouched from stress.

Photo and Devotion:

A very strange research carried out by the University of Western Australia reveals that on seeing a photograph only one can guess that he or she will honour the love and accept the proposal.  Minute study of the photo itself reveals whether the relationship will last long or it is only an attraction. In the study about 60% male and female were successful in guessing whether the opposite sex will be able to nurture or maintain the relationships.

All the relations need emotional healing and we cannot deny this truth that most of the mutual relations lose their intimacy (in every relationships) for the reasons which can, if solved, carry the journey very long with love and happiness.
-Kamal Mitra

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