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Meals Taken Under Tension, Anxiety Affects Our Body Adversely

Thought for Food

There is a close relationship between the body and the mind. Directly it is seen that the organs are doing all the work but actually it is our mind which is controlling all our actions. So, thoughts always affect our body.

Our food also does not remain untouched. In the health books, it is mentioned that what we eat also affects our mental status.  Keeping this in view, the detailed description of Satvik, Rajsi and Tamsik food is given.

This principle has another phase also. As the food affects our mental status our mental status also leave its effect on the food.

As we are given the advice to take the food peacefully and happily, it means that food taken with any anxiety, anger or mental disturbance is not digested well and the body also is not affected well. So many a times, food taken with severe anxiety even harm the body.

When sex emotions rise, the heat in the body increases, breathing becomes hot, skin temperature becomes hot and blood circulation increases. With this heat, some metals in the body start melting and some burning. Food taken during that period is not digested, makes the blood polluted and create insensitivity.

Food taken in angry mood tremendously affects the body. In New York, the scientists took for examination some drops of blood of an angry man and injected in the veins of a rabbit. After 22 minutes that rabbit started biting the persons and within an hour the rabbit died in anxiety.

Due to anger, the poisonous sugar makes the blood more poisonous.  Due to this impure sugar, the face becomes red and the body becomes pale. Digestive system gets disturbs, the nerves get stretched and the effect of heat increases.

Food taken during the anger surely affects the body harmfully. In this condition, instead of secretion of digestive juices, poisonous acids are released. These acids mixed with food harm the organs of the body.
Drinking a glass of cool water is an ayurvedic treatment. With this the heat of body and mind comes down.

According to a view of a learned man, the place where the anger comes, it is good that one must leave that place urgently and indulge himself/herself in some work. This changes the state of mind and the thoughts are diverted. After sometime, taking food in a cool state of mind is beneficial.

In the state of greed, one gets the tendency of storage rather than the feeling of leaving. Stomach is affected immediately. Motion is not clear.  The stomach becomes heavy and feeling of contentment is there and at the time of motion the muscles of intestine gets the slow signal.

In this situation, the muscles become miser to pass the stool. So after great effort only the main stool comes out. Rest remains in the stomach and after spoiling creates poison. The poison of the stomach is mixed in the blood and thus the body becomes the centre of so many ailments.  Fast heart beat, headache and the gout problem comes due to this.

Fear also affects the body adversely. Human body is the most powerful and energetic.  If the fear-emotions enter, it takes no time to spoil the body. In the state of fear, our inner systems get blocked. The organs become standstill. This affects the circulation system, the fertility organs and the activities of the stomach.  Due to this, heart beat increases.

Heart palpitation starts at fast rate. Blood pressure becomes high, digestive system does not work and sugar starts secreting through the liver.

Food taken during fear makes the body and the mind weak. It is generally seen that mothers make the children afraid of the food being snatched or coming black ghost. This way of giving food to the children should necessarily be changed.
With this mental status a good food item can also leave adverse effect.  A person having negative towards everything gets the result accordingly.

So, according to the situation and time whatever food you get take it peacefully and happily considering it beneficial for body and mind.

While taking food, if thinking on a very serious matter or a serious problem; the blood starts diverting to the brain, and the digestive organs have scarcity of blood. With the result, the digestion is affected and the food is  digested late and not fully also. So in our books it is mentioned that the food should be taken alone and with concentration.


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