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What causes heart ache?

It happens because everyone has a heart full of emotions.

No wise man ever hurts anyone’s heart. But then there is no dearth of people who break hearts.

When a heart breaks, a wise man knows the psychology behind it but that comes later. Somehow a fool who breaks the heart succeeds in his designs.

Women have such obsession about their age that it just cannot match with anything else. Wise women never get involved in this issue. They think it is nothing but statistical jugglery. They believe only what they see.

They do not waste their time and energy investigating in depth and acting like a spy. But then there are some women whose nature is exactly opposite to this.

They just keep on digging into age of others. They keep on calculating age on basis of number of years since marriage, birth date, education, age of children etc. On one hand they pretend to be younger than their own age and on the other try to project others as older than their age.

If a girl belonging to a poor family gets married in a wealthy family, some old women intentionally refer to poverty of her parents and try to show her down. They feel having born in poor family is a stigma. If the girl who is born in poor family feels embarrassed, it means the women who wanted to show her down have succeeded in their design.

This is what they wanted to achieve, to show her down. One should be embarrassed over bad deeds and not over poverty. Does anybody become rich by displaying honesty?

You should identify such fools. They hide behind their deceit and lurk around us all over. They could live near us, they could be our acquaintances, they could be our relatives, they could be our colleagues, they could be our mates in schools and colleges and we may even come across them in parties.

If you can identify a fool, you have won half the battle. To win the remaining battle, you have to know yourself. For that you need to introspect every now and then. This cannot be done for once and all but it is ever continuing process. You should keep such persons at an arm’s length and never indulge in loose arguments with them.

Once you learn to do both these things, how can a fool ever become successful in making you feel embarrassed?

After coming to know everything, we can say the things said might have been foolish but the person who uttered the words might have done so with all good will and with good intention. If that is the case, it is the most important thing.

Similarly extra sensitive people must change themselves. They must make themselves so strong that no words uttered by anyone will ever break their hearts. You are bound to face many challenges in life if you are sensitive.

– Usha Jain ‘Shirin’

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