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In the era of the disastrous pandemic Covid-19, it is extremely necessary for individuals to follow preventative measures in order to ensure safety which include practice of social distancing, washing of hands and wearing the new attire mask.

Since this disease spreads via droplets released in form of spit from individuals while having conversation without maintaining a safer distance or via coughing, sneezing etc., so covering the face with a mask can prevent the transmission of Corona Virus. Also, hands should be kept away from mouth and nose which would automatically reduce the threat of spreading of the virus. Masks are also being termed as source control.

WHO and CDC have provided various recommendations regarding the usage of mask which are discussed here. There are different types of masks with different functions. Surgical masks which are also known as medical masks are loose and can be easily disposed. They save nose and mouth of the wearer from droplets and sprays that might have germs and also filters the impurities in the air. People in front of the wearers can be protected by saliva and respiratory drops of the wearer.

Another type of mask is N95 mask which ensures larger safety in contrast to surgical masks, since it filters small as well as large impurities in the air. It is well depicted by its name that it blocks 95 per cent of the impurities. They are disposable as well. Another type of mask is cloth mask, it is designed in such a manner that it traps the droplets when the wearer coughs or sneezes. Since, there is usually shortage of N95 and surgical masks, cloth masks are best for daily use since they can be washed and reused as well.

Adapting the habit of wearing masks would be difficult initially. So, one should start wearing it for short span of time at home while watching T.V or going for a walk. One should prefer a mask that is comfortable to breathe through otherwise a scarf can be used for covering mouth and nose.

It is extremely necessary to ensure that a mask has many layers of properly aligned fabric which allows proper breathing and it should comfortably fit against the face and there should not be even a tiny gap for it can let particles get in. Every time before wearing the mask and after removing it, one should wash the hands. One should follow the appropriate method of wearing the mask. For the ear loop masks, they must be grasped from upper ties and be put around ear loops.

For tie back masks, upper ties must be secured behind the head and in similar manner the lower ties. Also, while having conversation or interaction with an old member of the family, one should wear a mask. After every use, the reusable mask must be washed with a detergent, dried in the dryer and then it should be stored in a clean and dry place. One should be careful while taking off the mask at a public place; it must be put on a clean surface or preferably a tissue paper.

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People who suffer from any sort of breathing disease like asthma or unconsciousness must not wear mask. No kid below the age of 02 should wear mask and mask should not definitely be considered as an alternative for social distancing. Individuals, who suffer from mental problems or sensitivities, can have trouble in wearing masks, so the doctors must be consulted for the same. People should not wear masks where it can get wet like while it is raining, because wet masks can cause trouble in breathing.

People who have to perform activities like jogging, running can suffer trouble in wearing masks because it can make it hard for them to breathe, so they should prefer to perform their tasks at places which have proper exchange of air and also less crowd of people. Individuals who work at places where it is extremely hot like mines etc., wearing a mask might lead to heat related diseases and therefore they should consult professionals regarding the perfect mask for them.

It is nothing like that wearing a mask will intoxicate carbon dioxide and reduce the amount of oxygen. A healthy person can perform energetic tasks by wearing face masks and people who feel uncomfortable covering their face with masks should consult their health service providers. Since, it is a fact that 40 per cent of individuals who were tested positive for Covid-19 showed no symptoms, so fine health does not mean that there is no need of a mask. Each and every individual should wear face masks while stepping out of their homes. Hence, in these tough times of Covid-19, people should become responsible enough to practise social distancing, wear masks and maintain personal hygiene.


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