Do you go to parents’ meeting?

Do you go to parents’ meeting?

Whenever there’s an invitation from Ritesh’s school for parents’ meeting, Shobha gets cranky.

She thinks the meeting only spoils her weekend. Like many other parents, she also thinks that there is no need to go for the parents’ meeting as their kids are doing well in their schools and studies.

But they will know the reality only after meeting the teachers. You should also go to such meetings to find out the progress of your wards. It makes you aware of some very important things about your kid. No red marks on your kid’s report card doesn’t mean your kid is best in his studies and he doesn’t need you. Even if he’s doing well in his class, you should talk to his teachers to find out how he can do better. This you will get to know only in parents’ meetings. If a kid is not performing well, parents don’t go to such meets as they are ashamed of facing teachers and other parents.

But this will only have a negative effect on your kid. If there is any complaint about your kid, then you must go to the parents’ meet in order to solve it. Parents must know what their children are doing in the school. Maybe he’s signing test papers on your behalf. To find out about such mistakes, don’t forget to meet his teacher during the parents’ meet.

Is your kid mixing with others in the class? Is he quiet and stays alone? To find out all these things, you must take part in the meet. Besides, if you have any complaints, such as the teacher is not giving enough attention to your child or not checking his copy properly, you can speak about it here. In such meets, you also get introduced to the parents of your children’s friends. You can exchange parenting tips with them.

Stop giving the excuse that you have no time. Because with this, you are not just fooling yourself, you are also taking your kid’s future lightly. If you are busy, you can ask your husband to take out time for the parents’ meeting.

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