Special on Valentine’s Day

True Love Day

The Valentine’s Day was an important occasion in the Western World. However, with the passage of time, we too have grown accustomed to observe it adding a virtual festive touch to it.

The Valentine’s Day is celebrated as a proposal for love and love is not a thing which can be limited to language barriers.

It means that the Valentine’s Day is not connected to any special caste, creed or community.

It is an open concept. Love is always true and sublime. Love begets love and hatred spreads only hatred. Then why not lead the life full of love? The Valentine’s Day, now assuming the form of a enthusiastic festival, is dedicated to love.

It is the reason that today the miracle of this festival is seen everywhere. In India the custom of love is continuing from the ancient period. The whole world has got the message of love and peace from this country only.

Then how this day of love can be ignored? As we celebrate Christmas Day, Good Friday, the foreign festivals, there is nothing bad in celebrating Valentine’s Day. But today the narrow minded approach of young generation has made it absurd and that is the reason why most of the Indians oppose this.

This means that no day, festival and culture is bad. The only thing of objection to them is the uncivilized way to celebrate them. Due to it, the sense of hatred towards this particular festival has got embedded in the minds of some people.

Imagine, when we Hindustanis pass through any temple, mosque, gurdwara or church, out of gratitude our head bows down. We honor the saints and ‘Fakirs’. It is because our elders have taught us to respect others. That is why we adopt other cultures very easily.

It is in our very nature. Our approach has always been positive. So we not only respect Indian but also the traditions and cultures of all the countries of the world.

The Perfect Way to Celebrate Valentine’s Day: If anyone wants to know the right way to celebrate the festivals, then follow Dera Sacha Sauda. Here, every festival is celebrated in its real essence and spirit. The Dera Sacha Sauda also gives equal importance to all festivals. Most Rev. Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan has given Valentine’s Day the name “True Love Day” because it is really the day of true love.

On this day, the devotees including the old people, youngsters and children assemble and the students of schools and colleges write the messages of their love on big posts and present it to their Rev. Guide Guru, Teacher and Father Coach. And the Rev.

Guide/Teacher/Father also on this True Love Day blesses and motivate them to celebrate this day by Loving God Almighty.

If we see from the point of view of religion, our soul is the part of Almighty God. When the soul in the body loves Almighty with innocence, this is considered to be highest class of devotion and love.

The saints and the great men always consider that love is the best thing.

Devotion to Almighty is really great. That is why our saints and great men have become so great that even today we take their name with respect. Saints always teach us the lesson of love.
The reality of this festival is that we should celebrate it with our love towards the soul and God. This is the reality of this day.


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