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Meditation In Simple Words,

Meditation Involves Thinking on a Particular Subject in Silent and Congenial Conditions.

In religious terms, the meditation is a unique method of concentrating the thoughts through God Words witch tends to link the soul with our divine power.

The person become successful only with the  kind blessings of spiritual guide who provides the virtuous technique of initiation. Meditation is the faithful, emotional and devotional submission of soul with God.

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Living spiritual Master is a true saint who is one with God.

He has distinguished qualities of being a mentor, philosopher and guide because he carries the knowledge and experience of prolonged meditation. He is capable to divulge the secret message of God words to his disciples  thorugh initiation.

These sacred words, if repeated time and again can elaborate the real meaning of human existence.

These holy words act as source of immense energy that created every form of life in this world. It also helps to perceive the eternal divine melody. The true saint create in us the love for God.

This technique of initiation, the course, progress and advantages of meditation have been elaborated by His Holiness Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan during the religious congragations at Dera Sacha Sauda Sirsa (Haryana, India).

Transformation to Meditation:

Proficiency of meditation cannot be achieved through bookish knowledge, reading religious literature, visiting holy places or giving donations. It is not a process of extending information but a steady operation of transformation . Our bodily senses of touch, smell, taste, vision, hearing and mind keep  us attached to this world. There are moment of pleasures and sufferings. But we cannot remain confined to the plane of journey in this universe. Death shall take us to the second plane of inward journey.

The change to the attitude of spirituality requires drastic changes in thoughts behavior and actions. We have to modify ourselves and attam virtuous habits of truthfulness, honesty, humility, tolerance, submission, contentment etc. We have to discard the strong vices of anger, lust, attachment, greed, craving for wealth, ego etc. We must understand that visualization  of God cannot be achieved through deceit, bribery, ostentation, pretensions, propaganda, materialistic experiments.

The soul cannot attain purity and strength unless it leaves the materialistic desires. Strong consciousness to merge with God cannot be attained in a few moments because there are no short cuts in spirituality. Our body is temple of God and our heart is seat of God. Therefore, we must search for God from within. God Himself has designed this temple.

Age of Meditation:

People in general consider that old age beyond 50 years is apropriate for this perpuse. But one should develop the practice of meditation right from the time of attaining consciousness (4th year onwards) There are examples quoted in religious history who adopted meditation in early age. Esteemed Dhruv Bhagat, Prahlad Bhagat, Baba Farid Ji and many more. Everyone must maintain regularity and tend to increase the time devoted for meditation.

Suitable Time for Meditation:

In religious literature, suitable time suggested is between 2 to 5 a.m. because this period is free from noise and air pollution. More so, we can recollect and repeat  God words during routine activities of sittings, walking, exercising, travelling, cooking, ploughing etc. Later on, we should daily spare a good time at safe and silent place in a sitting posture concentrating at spiritual eye centre. A few moments of prayers become more fruitful before starting a new activity, for example, reading, writing, appearing in examination, participating in competitions, driving etc. One must express reverence and gratitude to God on attaining success in any task.

Steps Observed During Meditation:

  1. The devotee should concentrate at the ‘deep sleep point’ or spiritual eye focus centre or ‘the spot of 10th Door.’
  2. This point is located midway and slightly above the two eyes. In religious aspect, this seat is considered as a connecting place between mind and the soul.
  3. It we continue repeating the God Words and raise our conscious to this level. We may develop contact with the bliss of divine melody (sound current).
  4. The mind gets suppressed in oblivion but the soul becomes strong enough to establish direct link with the supreme power.
  5. Our soul ascends from sole of feet to the spiritual eye centre. This process brings temporary but increasing numbness  of body organs. The sensitivity of lower organs gets minimized, The soul current becomes strong enough to suppress the physical planes and the spirit continues its journey to visualize eternal home .
  6. Thus with the concentration of soul at the higher centre, the physical body gets detached from the materialistic world. This can be compared with the phrase ‘Death during living state’.
  7. At the end of meditation, the body organs regain their consciousness and the soul returns to the physical  body.
  8. Never disclose God Words to anyone else because initiated words carry the blessing of the master.
  9. Do not share the experiences of divine achievements of meditation with anyone.


The advantages are enormous and many fold both in the materialistic and spiritual fields:

  1. Provide simplicity and humility in living style.
  2. Induces purity in thoughts and actions.
  3. To understand that human life is with little spiritual experience but human beings               are spiritual creation with limited human experience.
  4. Meditation may help to see the unseen and listen the unheard.
  5. Realize the crux of ultimate truth (God).
  6. Visualize that God is Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient .
  7. Realize that “our home” is not the real home because our life is a limited phase between birth and death.
  8. Neither any one permanently belongs to us nor do we belong to any one.
  9. Human vices in the form of anger, lust, attachment, greed and ego are transformed to patience, respect, love for humanity, contentment and humility respectively.
  10. Guide to discard hatered, hypocrisy,  superstitions, envy, falsehood etc.
  11. Encourage to develop honesty., truthfulness, universal brotherhood.
  12. Develop permanent contact with the primordial source of power and delight.
  13. Develop positive thinking even in conditions of pain, grief and sufferings.
  14. Cherish and experience the state of dieing while living.
  15. The sufferings of transmigration (cycle of death and rebirth) are lost forever and the soul attains salvation.
  16. Person gets relieved of accumulated sins of previous generations (races). Thus sanctified soul is never deprived of salvation.
  17. Provide motivation to youngsters, friends and relatives to get involved in meditation.
  18. Provide relief to late ancesstors of many generations.
  19. The activities started after prayers and meditation become more fruitful and pleasing.
  20. The devotees start avoiding the vices of violence, non-vegetarian meals, intoxicants, corruption, gambling, abusing etc.
  21. Become fearless and tension free become meditation provides peace of mind.
  22. Attain strength to make sacrifices at will.
  23. Realize that everything  in life is transitory.
  24. Develops love and respect for creations of Almighty God. Get involved  in voluntary welfare activities of humanity.
  25. Provides resistance of many diseases.
  26. Improves digestion, correct heart beat, pulse rate, breathing and brainwaves.
  27. The exitance of God words and God is eternal.
  28. Meditation provides moral and spiritual strength.
  29. Stop fearful and unwanted dreams.
  30. Coming generation develops good instincts and habits.
  31. To make the soul free from worldly illusions and prepare it to merge with its source of creation.
  32. Worldly creation is subject to dissolution.

Misconcepts about Meditation:

Atheists do not  believe in the existence of God. Therefore, they tend to propagate, against meditation on following grounds:

  1. God is presumed imagination of priests who try to exploit the masses.
  2. Meditation is an emotional surrender and mortage of body.
  3. It is a wastage of time and energy.
  4. Meditation is not a wonderstruck phenomenon which can transform the character of any person.
  5. Avoidance of misdeeds is the only way of achieving heaven.
  6. They don’t pay regards to saints and consider them simple human lugs.
  7. Such persons are self  centred believing in pride, ego and accumulation of wealth. They don’t  believe in soul and supersoul, therefore, suffer with miseries

Dr. Triloki Nath Chugh Insan, Co-ordinator, Shah Satnam Ji Educational Institutions,
Dera Sacha Suada, Sirsa.


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    मेडिटेशन से शरीर अच्छा रहता तंदरुस्ती रहती है

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    In correct meaning of meditation :-
    Meditation In Simple Words,

    Meditation Involves Thinking on a Particular Subject in Silent and Congenial Conditions.


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