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Make Your Journey Memorable!

Holidaying is one of the great stress busters. There would be hardly any person who doesn’t like going to places. But then it is always advisable to follow few safety tips especially when we are visiting new places.

To derive the complete happiness from such leisure trips, there are a few travelling tips which can come handy while stepping out on adventure.

If you are going abroad, then you must keep the passport (know how to apply for a passport if you don’t have one), visa, ticket and other documents in a handbag. Similarly, make photo copies of all these documents and keep one copy in your suit-case, another at your home. This is similarly applicable to domestic travel by air.

When you are visiting a foreign country always gather information about the climate of the place through internet. This will help you in selecting the right kind of clothes while going for the trip. If you are visiting place which has cold climate, then you can carry woolen clothes which you can use twice or thrice. If the country you are visiting has spells of rains, then you can carry raincoat and an umbrella with you.

Make bookings at hotels, rest house or lodge before hand at the tourist place which you are visiting. This will help to save your time and lessen your worries to find a good place to stay at the foreign land. Likewise, book this place for one day so that if you don’t like the place you can change it.

If you are reaching the place late at night, prefer to stay at the waiting rooms of the air-port, railway station or bus depots. This will reduce the chances of getting robbed at the new place. Avoid going by taxi or auto-rickshaw late in the night at a new place.

Gather information regarding the law and order of the foreign land, so that in case of any danger or problem you know whom to rely upon and instantly contact.
Don’t carry too much of cash with you. Carry credit cards or traveler’s cheque. Always distribute the cash in different luggage’s you are carrying.

Don’t carry expensive items with you while traveling like jewelry or video-camera. If you are carrying video camera with you, keep it in the hotel lockers so that it would remain safe. And similarly, you can carry with you while going out for sight-seeing and capture the beautiful nature and your pictures at the new place.
First aid box is a must while traveling.

Carry your family doctor’s number with you. Carry the emergency medicines with you so that in hour of need, these medicines can come handy.

If you wear spectacles, carry an extra pair of it with you. So that in case of any emergency you can use it.

Try and avoid talking to strangers in your trip. You can collect the necessary information regarding the sightseeing from the hotel manager or from the tourist centre of the city. This will not give you the chance to talk to the strangers who may pose danger for you.

Label your luggage with your name, phone number and address. Instead of carrying heavy suitcases, carry bags. Make a list of your bags, and number them, so that while returning from your journey you won’t forget anything. For sightseeing use the tourist bus or authorized taxis.

Carry comfortable foot wear with you. So you won’t find difficulty while visiting the places on foot. Avoid carrying single strip foot-wear. Always carry sports shoes and bathroom slip-ons with you.

Choose your clothes as per the climate outside. Avoid wearing too bright and colorful clothes.

Don’t travel through short-cuts at the new place. Always use the main road or highway.
Don’t open the hotel door immediately. First peep through the peep-hole and if you find a complete stranger knocking at your door, don’t open the door. Talk to the hotel manager through the inter-com.

Don’t lose your heart if you find yourself in any trouble. Keep your cool, don’t lose your confidence and be strong enough to fight the situation. Don’t hesitate to call the police in case of trouble.

Don’t ask for lift from a stranger at a new place.
Book the return tickets in advance, so that you can complete your journey plan in the stipulated time.

If you follow these simple steps, you will never face any problem and can enjoy the trip completely.

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