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Apple is Like Nectar for Liver Apple is regarded as ‘Food of Gods’ in the countries of Northern Europe and this fruit has also been referred to so many times in Bible.

Apples are grown widely in specific environment all over the world.

The scientific name of apple is Malus pumila domestica and it is a member of the Rosaceae family. The apple trees stand about 15 meters tall. In the raw state the apple is green in color and has sour taste, once ripened it has a tint of red and greenish color that tastes juicy and sweet.

As per Ayurveda, apple is a bile destructor, eases problems related to stomach gas, is cool, filling, and a nutritious fruit.

Ayurvedic Tonic

It is also good for heart, increases potency and cleanses the kidneys. Many Ayurvedic medicines have apple as an important base ingredient. It has ample amount of Phosphorus in it. In addition, it also contains iron, protein, calcium, glucose and many vitamins of the group B-complex.

There are plentiful carbohydrates present in the form of Pectin which is beneficial for cure of heart diseases. Apple is very effective in the patients suffering from stone diseases; these patients should be given 4 to 5 ripened apples every day. The meal should include lots of vegetables and fruits. Apples work like nectar for the patients suffering from liver diseases.

Apple Days

Such patients should have two apples before lunch every day or should drink apple tea.
Apples are infallible cure to overcome the weakness of brain and such patients should have one apple a day. Additionally, such patients should be served raw apple curry for lunch as well as for dinner. Give a glassful of apple juice for evening snacks and one sweet ripe apple just before going to bed at night.

It starts showing its better results within a month. People with weak eye sight, should tie poultice made up of one fresh apple on their eyes for a few days. One should include fresh butter and sweet apple in one’s meal to get sharp eye-sight and it keeps the tummy clean and the face gets a shiny glow.

Health improve for patients

If someone is feeling thirsty, tired and irritated due to fever; he should be given apple tea or fresh apple juice. It immediately comforts the patient. In case of painful sore throat or blisters in throat, take a spoonful of fresh apple juice up in to the throat, pour and hold it there for some time, it shows miraculous positive effect. To cure complaint of gas in the stomach, insert almost 10 cloves in a fresh apple and leave it for ten days. Take out the inserted cloves and eat three cloves along with one fresh apple regularly.

Do not let the patient eat rice or rice made food items during this duration. Give the patient two apples or one full glass apple juice every day to get rid of worms. The worms get killed and get flushed out of the body along with stool. To get rid of constipation, have 2 apples in the morning, before having any meal. This helps to control acidity, improves digestion and appetite.

Eat sweets made up of apple wrapped in silver foil to regulate the heart beat to its optimal or for a stronger heart. It helps in weight reduction too. Apples are very useful in treating insomnia. Give an apple made sweet with one glass of lukewarm milk before bedtime to those who have trouble in getting to sleep or who can’t go back to sleep after their sleep is disturbed in the middle of night.

The root cover

It gives a sound sleep. The root cover of the apple tree is effective in certain fevers.
To nullify the scorpion poisoning, mix half gram camphor with fresh apple juice and keep giving it to the bruised person every half an hour repetitively. Even the oldest coughing problems get cured if you take one glass apple juice with crystallized sugar lumps every morning.

People suffering from headache, anxiety, irritation, bad memory and unconsciousness, should be given two fresh apples before meals.Such patients should prefer apple tea to tea or coffee. Here we see a good number of properties hidden in this fruit and it has been aptly remarked by some scholar.’An apple a day, keeps the doctor away’

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