Even the D.N.A. gets changed by virtue of Method of Meditation

Even the D.N.A. gets changed by virtue of Method of Meditation

It is known from the studies that Concentration or Method of Meditation can influence the psychology of human being.

It can change even the DNA of human beings. In the latest study of UCLA , it has come to the fore that by connecting with Concentration process for a long time, the human mind is better preserved than the one without it. Recent studies show that keeping in new the increased benefits of Concentration, Method of Meditation more and more people are connecting with the Meditation i.e. with ages old Method of Concentration.

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It has been found, in a study of Yale University, that due to the Concentration in the ME center of the brain, the activities in the default mode network is reduced. It has also been told that the wandering of the evil mind can be stopped only by the ‘Method of Meditation’. It imeans devotion to God i.e. the Method of Meditation, imparts concentration and power to the mind, and the human beings gets every type of internal peace.

These things have been proved by science in its different researches and studies. Revered Guru Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan during a grand spiritual discourse had opined that the name of God, Method of Meditation has got so much power that it can change even the DNA of a human being. DNA i.e. Di Oxy-ribo neuclic acid. It has been told in the science that the atom is the smallest particle which is active generation by generation, genetically.

This atom is structured like a round ladder. In general, it is in the form of chromosomes. Many chromosomes collectively constitute the genome in each cell. The 46 number chromosome, in a human cell, collectively have about 3 billion molecules of DNA. The genes give genetic information. The Revered Guru Ji also opined that if the DNA changes then all of its diseases can get finished. This effective and beneficial work is possible only and only through Method of Meditation (Concentration).

These solid facts, since ancient times, have been explained in religions by the saints where as scientists too had been busy in the researches for ages with this view of the religion and now when they have got the positive results, they too have agreed to those facts of the religions that it is an absolute truth that the practitioners and non-practitioners have a great difference in their nature, virtues and defects, natural habits, the ability to carry out mental work, the ability to use mind, or in other words, it can also be said that the non-practitioner has many diseases in comparison to the practitioner, which are found dreadful and more in intensity.

It used to be heard sometime that vegetarian food eaters and the people reciting the God’s Words got their blood group changed, then it will not be any exaggeration to say that with the God’s Word the DNA can also change.

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