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“Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we’ll ever do.” – Brené Brown

In the era of stumbling blocks in every aspect of life, people are either depressed and constantly complaining or they are fighting back to survive life.

Well, life is much complicated, and to lead a happy & healthy life is much more complicated and difficult than said. These days people are so much affected by everything around them, due to social media drama, pandemic, fake-relationships, distances, and unhealthy food. They have forgotten to live for themselves, they have forgotten to have a happy life, they have forgotten to live a healthy life. In this hustle-bustle life it is very important to restore oneself for a good life. It is equally important to set goals for self to achieve them in order to get your life sorted, to feel good to have a good life.

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Unrealistic expectations about life will destroy you by setting you up for disappointment, wasting your time, and misleading you into failure. The sooner you set your expectations straight the sooner you will start getting what you want out of your life. Letting go of unrealistic expectations does not mean lowering your standards. Quite the opposite. Having high standards is good for life.Therefore, have high standards but realistic expectations.

When life crumbles all around you and you are left to pick up the broken pieces, life can seem so hard. Like a war, you are constantly battling armies that invade your territory from every angle. And as this crescendo of fear and anxiety peaks, all you want to do is run and scream. But here is the thing that most people do not realize. Life can be harder sometimes. No one ever said it would be easy. But it is worth it.

“Life is hard. And it isn’t fair. And it really hurts like hell sometimes. But if you focus on what is within your power to change for the better. You can. And you will.”

Zero Dean

Everyone is struggling with something or the other right now in life, sometimes it comes down to the part of questioning one’s very existence. When everything around us comes crashing down, all we want to do is self-destruct. But you know what. Something we do not realize is that we were meant to walk this path. You cannot understand it right now. But I assure you, there will be a rhyme or reason for it one day.

Take solace in the fact that there is light at the end of every tunnel. That pain will manifest into something extraordinary. This is not the end. It is your chance to start again from the beginning & to rise from the ashes like a phoenix. It is time not to give up. You cannot give up. Yes, life is hard, and it will not get any easier. Understand that. Embrace it. Welcome failure and pain. Because it will build you up and make you stronger.

The term, “rehabilitation”, is contested in meaning and continues to require clarification. The key meaning of rehabilitation refer to helping persons with a disability to achieve states such as “optimal functioning”. The so called “optimal functioning” is different for different cases or persons dealing with difficulties. But it is often equated to the meaning with goals such as “restoring and compensating for the loss of functioning”.

Rehabilitation further supports persons to regain and maximize as much “independence” as possible, whereby the term “independence” is mostly used to mean self-sufficiency, an ability to do something successfully oneself. Yet, independence is better described relationally as about self-determination in social life where everyone is interdependent and, in that context, able to flourish.

One of the most important ways for those in recovery to maintain their life is to live a life of purpose and faith so that they are motivated to avoid relapse. Achieving personal, emotional, nutritional, and spiritual transformation requires motivation, personal reflection, and support. Making major life changes with discouraging, negative thoughts can easily redirect someone’s focus. A negative mindset can discourage personal progress as the individual minimizes his or her attempts to maintain positive & healthy change. The power of positivity in our transformation is only going to encourage more positivity. Taking an honest inventory of friends and family members while tuning into your emotions can help you remain aware of healthy external influences.

Recovering from a substance use disorder can seem uncomfortable at first yet finding and living a life of passion is a transformative way to rise above the grips of addiction. Why is passion so important? Passion is the feeling that gives our spirit a spark. Having passion in life keeps us engaged and active and gives us the motivation needed to live an authentic life. Knowing what ignites our spirit not only gives us a sense of joy, but it also gives a sense of purpose as a driving force.

Living a life of passion involves motivation, discipline, authenticity, and the willingness to sustain a new sober lifestyle. This is an exciting time to try new activities and discover what brings you happiness. For some, this means stepping outside of one’s comfort zone and for others, finding the bravery to re-discover their dreams and live for themselves.

The path to living a life of passion includes practicing self-love. Self-love is about self-knowledge. The more understanding and awareness a person has about oneself, the more one can genuinely love oneself. Self-love gives people the ability to reflect on life choices and see past them. Self-love allows those in recovery to explore forgiveness of self and others to heal emotional wounds. With self-love, self-acceptance becomes normal.

“Be healthy and take care of yourself but be happy with the beautiful things that make you, you.”    -Beyoncé

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