Self Evaluation

Self appraisal or self assessment or Introspection is the rightist way to lead a regulated, healthy, confident and comfortable life.

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Let everyone of us introspect ourselves with simple queries:

  • What is our place of origin?
  • What is the source of our spiritual energy?
  • What are our aims in this world?
  • What are our efforts to seek achievements in life?
  • What shall be our ultimate abode after death?

Human Body:

Human race is supreme creation of Almighty God. Each person has two major components, the physical body and the astral soul.

The body is considered more important for everyone. People spend lot of time, energy and attention for its betterment. Varied costumes, make-up articles etc become in great demand.

Exercise and sports make the body fit and strong. Even fashion shows and contests are organized throughout the world to exhibit the means of decoration. Talents are attained in different fields of business, management, law, engineering, medical, games and many other areas not only to earn but also to achieve commendable status in the society.

Mind and Spirit:

Thoughts, imagination and actions of the body are regulated by mind. But according to general religious concept, mind or “Mann” also nurtures and promotes wicked thought. It is mischievous and reckless entity.

On the contrary, soul is considered as a divine bliss. It not only gives serene and positive attitude but also pre-warns the mind to abstain from any wrong doing. Mind tries to overpower and suppress the soul. The persons who get enslaved of mind do not think for the well being of mankind and other creatures.

Let us try to analyze our aspects of strength and weakness. Many persons try to conceal their mistakes and short comings.

They never make efforts to mend their shortfalls. They even try to project the deficiencies of others, holy persons and even God. Such persons have to bear the consequences in the long run.

Everyone must develop certain principles in life to be followed and avoid wicked actions. Regular righteous tasks help to carve good habits which turn to improve our behavior, develop strong character and pleasing personality.

There are many worldly agencies which tend to modify human thinking and working such as family members, relatives, friends, business, employment, politics, religion etc. Worldly vices of mind in the form of anger, lust, greed, attachment, egoism, wealth etc.

become the cause of tension and sufferings. A strong personality should not get regulated through adverse situations and wicked persons. One should work with self respect, honor, honesty, confidence and determination.

Everyone should adopt positive thinking so as to perform virtuous acts.

  • Try to acquire good company and avoid wicked persons.
  • Never study indecent literature or watch obscene pictures and movies.
  • Never deprive rightful dues to others.
  • Never indulge in leg pulling.
  • Try to acquire excellence of others instead of feeling jealous of their good qualities.
  • Do not confer sarcastic or insulting comments to hurt the feelings.
  • Try to overcome own faults and vices.
  • Be honest and genuine in dealings.
  • Neither indulges in injustice nor tolerates excesses.
  • Avoid hypocrisy and superstitions.
  • Do not speak harsh and bitter
  • Treat all persons equal irrespective of caste, financial status, religion or other aspects.
  • Do not get unsteady under adverse situations.
  • Provide due regards to parents and elders.
  • Extend all possible help to others under state of distress and grief.
  • Observe chastity before marriage and maintain self restrain after marriage.
  • Do not obstruct in the progress of others, rather extend all possible help.
  • Perform prayers and meditation each morning and evening at least for 15 minutes.
  • Observe complete faith in spiritual guide and God.
  • Never indulge in anger, lust, egoism and nepotism.
  • Abandon violence, intoxicants, alcoholism, non-vegetarian diet, gambling etc.
  • Abide by the basic values of human life.
  • Always develop a state of love and reverence for God because He is embodiment of love.
  • Try to be yourself, open, unique, trust-worthy, original, consistent, viable, remarkable, happy, exciting and smart.
  • Make your life style, dress-up, body language and behavior impressive.

Seek Guidance of Spiritual Master:

Almighty God is the sole creator of universe. He is omnipotent, super natural power and divine source of bestowing the spiritual energy. It is through His kind grace and benevolence that we become capable to attain eternal abode after seeking initiation through spiritual guide.

We should glorify this life as a lotus blooms even in muddy water. The prophets, ascetics and saints always possess righteous thoughts act for the welfare of the society and motivate their disciples for the prosperity of the society. The best of all is that they bless the strayed people with God words and method of meditation. Their sermons improve upon the fortunes and life style of devotees.

Saint Kabir Dass Ji advises that meditation even for a few moments provides relief from extreme distress. Saint Bulle Shah Ji preaches, “I only rely upon the sole principle of complete dedication on God words.” According to Swami Vivekanand Ji abstract meditation, religious observance, mind born emancipation and deliverance are the righteous devices to achieve salvation.

The true saint His Holiness Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan of Dera Sacha Sauda Sirsa is kind enough to have initiated about 50 million people. The organization is renowned as “confluence of all religions” because people from different castes, creed, provinces, religions etc. visit Dera Sacha Sauda to seek initiation which is bestowed free of cost.

The meditation on specific God words helps to achieve spiritual elevation and attain salvation. Dera Sacha Sauda functions in the form of a sublime institution where men and women are transformed to a true race with the teachings of morality and spirituality.

Company with preceptor and his benevolence become the source of eternal truth which acts as a fortress to safeguard the person against the onslaughts of evil mind. The soul is pure, fearless, always victorious and immortal. However, the body may change its form and species with change in generation.

Meditation on God words is the true wealth which eliminates sufferings and accumulated sins during the worldly state.

It elevates the status of soul and paves way for salvation.
Therefore, you are self observer to decide every action such as beginning, progress, innovation, management, regulation etc.

The spiritual masters guide that sound moral conduct, which is the very foundation of true humanity.


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