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Importance of Salad

Today, each one of us is hitting gyms or working out in some way or the other to reduce weight. Since our lifestyle has converted into sedentary one, we hardly sweat out our fats.

It is very essential to understand the goodness of a fit and healthy body. Apart from undertaking our daily chores, it is very important for people to take care of their fitness as well. People should indulge in different forms of working out namely, aerobics, Pilates, gym, etc… Our diet too plays a vital role in shaping our body.

It is a must to consume a balanced diet. A proper intake of vitamins, proteins and other valuable nutrients are a prerequisite for a perfect body.

Focusing on food stuff, salads incredibly aid in losing weight. Since salad comprises of fruits, vegetables, essential oil, etc… it would definitely help in cutting down the flabs.

Weight Reduction through salads

Salad is one of the most innovative things to make for consumption. One can opt for different ways of preparing a salad. But it is important to eliminate additional mouth watering dressings like mayonnaise, hummus, etc… for enabling salad to work on our body. The following are some salads that can really help in shedding weight:

Oil based Salad

Currently salads with oil dressing are becoming very popular in several parts of the world. Olive Oil is considered to be me of the great last facilitators in weight reduction. Since our body fails to dissolve certain fats, it becomes essential to introduce these types of oils while preparing a salad dressing.

Green up your salad

The introduction of introducing unlimited green substances to your salad can help in reducing weight. One should add spinach, romaine, lettuce, iceberg lettuce etc… in salad preparation. In addition to that one can use a combination of mixed herbs or individual herbs namely, basil, parsley, etc… which are indeed taste enhancers and weight burning agents. Green salad is high on antioxidants which directly lead to weight reduction.

Low fat cheese salad

It is not necessary to always relate cheese with fat. There is a low fat cheese as well that can easily be got from retail stores. Inclusion of low fat cheese in salad can actually burn fats and make a person less hungry and craving for food. Paper thin cubes and slices of mozzarella, parmesan must be used in salads.

Roasted Salad

Roasted salad is very healthy for body. By roasting ingredients like, cottage cheese, nuts, almonds, etc… and then adding them into salad can indeed burn fats. It is essential to remove any type of fried croutons from salad in order to facilitate the roasted ingredients to work on fats.

Bring in lots of fruits and vegetables

Vegetable and fruit items like broccoli, peas, cucumbers, carrots, raspberries, strawberries, artichokes, pears, plum, etc… must be a part of in salads since they are high on fiber content. Fiber helps in burning fats to a great extent.

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