Sprouts are Super Foods The awareness towards health is increasing among the people. So the people now like to have nutritive foods only. They take unhealthy food, only when there is no option.

Sprouts are magical nutritive food with plenty of nutrients like potassium, iron, vitamin E and anti oxidants. Sprouts have more enzymes compared to fruits and vegetables, which make our skin healthy and save us from lifestyle-related diseases. Sprouts are best as breakfast. These can also be taken in lunch and also as evening snacks.

For making sprouts, Green Pulse moong should be soaked in water for at least 8 hours. Then taken out the water or kept in the thin cloth and tied up or kept in the sprout maker for 6 to 7 hours. Then only they are ready to eat. Like this chickpea (black gram) has to be kept in water for 24 hours.

After that, take them from water and keep it in a thin cloth or sprout maker for 24 hours. Sprinkle some water drops on the cloth after a gap of time when the knot is tied. You can check after 24 hours whether the black gram sprouts are ready or not. Sometimes it takes 30 to 36 hours.

Benefits of Sprouts

  • Green Moong is rich in Foliate. With its regular usage, we are saved from brain or spinal cord problems. Teenagers and young people should use it regularly.
  • In black gram sprouts, the fibers are found in abundance. After eating it one feels contented for a long period and does not feel hungry.
  • The black gram sprouts control the blood sugar and also lessen cholesterol.
  • These are having low calorie and low fat. Hence, it is beneficial for those having heart problems.
  • The black gram sprouts are rich in carbohydrates and vitamin B6. Hence usage of this also controls your weight.
  • This is beneficial in combating skin diseases. With its regular use, diabetes also remains in control.
  • The beans sprouts are rich in zinc, protein and vitamins which are beneficial for the health of the women.
  • This helps in controlling falling of hair and for healthy nails.

How to Eat?

You can mix cucumber, boiled potato, tomato, green-chilly, cabbage, pieces of onion, dry grapes, almonds, dry-coconut and some drops of lemon, and then add some salt and take it as a chat. You can eat mixed sprouts of moong, black gram and beans. You can mix the sprouts in soup and salad. The people who cannot eat raw sprouts should eat steamed sprouts.

Who Should Not Eat?

The persons with weak stomach and tilli should not eat sprouts. The persons with weak immune system should also avoid sprouts. Do not give sprouts below the age of five years and also not to pregnant women. Stale and kept open sprouts should not be taken. It is better to throw them


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