Total Fun, No Tension

Total Fun, No Tension

Are you fond off travelling then go for excursion with comfort. But keep some such knowledge so that you may travel without any tension, i.e. without many types of travel insurance. Yes, we are talking about travel insurance.

Let us see what travel insurance is. You learn tolerance from travelling. But, the limit of tolerance comes to an end when you are surrounded by the problem e.g. the theft of your luggage during the journey, you contract some illness while on the way.

If travelling is fun for sure then many times, the problems arise during this. During this, your health may go out of order. The luggage may be lost, the passport may be stolen. Then, your tolerance may come to an end. You may feel tense. This tension of yours is kept at bay by travel insurance. The travel insurance covers the issues of medical emergency, the death may occur due to accident during travel, delay in flight or train. To the extent that one gets help if the rented car goes out of order.

If the passport like documents, related to the travel are lost then for your duplicate passport, you have to go to the nearest embassy then there is provision for this expense, too.. The insurance company pays you for the fees paid to the embassy, the expenses to get the photo clicked and also for the to and fro in travelling for the same.

Apart from this, you may claim damages for the lost baggage, kidnapping, missing of the contact flight, accident, medical emergency expenses, financial emergency condition like problems.

Many insurance companies provide the facility of cashless treatment during travel whereas a few of them pay later on, for these expenses. For this, you have to submit all the reports along with all the bills. In addition to this, you get the cover for delay in travel and cancellation, too. In this, there is provision for third party cover availability, too. These covers are from one month to one year duration. In this, there is an option for single trip and multi trip, annually.

Before taking the Policy-

Before choosing for the policy, one should take note whether it is providing the facility for all the places and for the full duration of the travel or not. Along with this, there is need that one should keep an eye on the insurance amount and the benefits of the policy. Your insurance premium depends on age, place of travel, period of travel like standards. This policy, in general, is available for the people upto 85 years of age but for the people of age more than 70 years, the policy is issued only after the medical check-up.

Time Limit-

In travel insurance, the importance of duration is there, specially. This policy is for a maximum duration of one hundred and eighty days. After that, it can be renewed for 180 more days, again. The special thing is that this policy is renewed for the people having age less than 70 years. Whereas this policy prepares different standards for the student, separately. In other words, the student policy is issued for 365 days and later on, it is extended for two more years.

What is not admissible-

This policy does not give cover for Suicide, an attempt to suicide, death or handicap due to the reason of war, HIV or AIDS due to the prior illnesses. With this, the benefit of the policy is not given on the loss of money, shares, securities, stamp, jewellery and expensive stones. The special thing for this is that, if you pay additional charges, then the companies increase the limits of securities.

For example, in the student policy, by giving the additional premium, it provides security for a few diseases and on becoming injured during playing of games. In the domestic insurance, many covers are included, too. But their duration is less. That is, from one day to three months. The people in the know of the things, say that if one has health insurance and personal accident policies then the travel insurance is not beneficial.

Easy method-

This policy gives you online and mobile facilities, too. You may choose the scheme of many companies by sending SMS from your mobiles. At most of the airports, the insurance companies have special counters for the travel insurance or they have a contract with the airlines where you may buy your tickets along with insurance.. Then, you should take insurance and take full fun of your travel or in other words, Total Fun and no tension.

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