How to Find Adulteration in Food Articles For keeping our precious body healthy, we have to regularly intake many types of food articles by which innumerable nutrients like proteins, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals are obtained but most of the shopkeepers, in the lust for earning highly, do not shy away from adulteration in food articles.

As a result, health of a person deteriorates and he had unwillingly to seek shelter of a doctor. Not only this, these days adulteration in all the food articles specially: Wheat, Rice, Pulses, Milk, Spices, Tea, Oil, Ghee and Salt etc has become common due to which it has become so difficult to maintain one’s health.

What are the adulterated food articles?

When in a food article, some outside material is added and the essential elements taken out from it or collected in improper way and there is decrement in its quality, then that food article or edible item is called an adulterated material. By such adulteration consumers are deprived of the essential nutrients and fell victim to many illnesses using such highly adulterated diet.

Hence the consumers ought to have the information of testing its purity along with its quality & color while buying any item. Finally adulteration is done to gain profit Although it is very difficult to identify adulterated items but if you test by domestic methods than you can test its purity for sure. Consumers should have the knowledge that how the food articles adulterated and how to test them, let us know:-

SaltSalt - Sachi Shiksha

salt is the cheapest among all spices but the adulterating shopkeepers do not keep away from mixing in it too as a result mix grounded stone, clay or sand. Dissolve small quantity of salt in clear glass and see after keeping it still for some time. The salt will dissolve and the rock or sand or clay will sink at the bottom of the glass. Understand this way that the salt is adulterated; this can have illnesses related to neck.


pulses - Sachi Shiksha

often the pulses are mixed with harmful chemicals to make them look glossy or they are coloured with metanil yellow. To test it, put some pulses in water and add four drops of ‘Hydrochloric acid’ if there is some mixing in the pulses, water color would automatically change to red. Be alert then, else no one can stop from having the problem of effect on digestive system and kidney stones from emerging.


milk - Sachi Shiksha

to know the truth of milk you would need a Lactometer only then it can be tested really, beside it you can test milk’s purity by Nitric acid too; for it put two drops of Nitric acid in milk, you’ll see that the milk and water have separated, a person’s health is highly affected by it too.


turmeric - Sachi Shiksha

Turmeric and Gram-flour are usually mixed with colour, for which put a spoon full of turmeric in a test tube and add some drops of concentrated hydrochloric acid in it. If purple colour is seen and on adding water this color vanishes then the turmeric is pure otherwise it is adulterated and which can harm the reproductive system and may damage liver and kidneys too.

Tea Leaves

tea leaves - Sachi Shiksha

to know about the mixing in tea leaves, first put it on a wet white paper, if any colour was added it will immediately come on the
paper that can lead to various diseases related to diet system.


asafetida - Sachi Shiksha

fragrant asafetida on burning on a flame makes the flame shiny, all the more, if on washing the asafetida with clean water its color changes to white or milky then understand that the asafetida is pure.

Mustard Oil

Soybean, Rapeseed and Argemone oils are mixed in mustard oil. To test mustard oil - Sachi Shikshaexactly the adulteration, mix Sulphuric acid and the oil in a test tube and shake, if the oil was adulterated a yellow colour would be seen in the bottom. This later can force to deal with uncontrollable fever.

Black pepper (Pepper Corn)


last we deal about black pepper (pepper corn). Though papaya seeds are mixed only and that can be identified by mere look but if any doubt remains in purity, drop pepper in water, if the papaya seeds are mixed then they’ll float in water and pepper will sink. This way you would easily be able to identify the adulteration. So what’s the wait, start testing the purity of various food articles from today itself and make our precious body healthy. Definitely after some time, success will kiss your feet.

– Anup Mishra

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