Drive Away Acidity

Introduction: Nowadays problems like acidity, gas etc. is common. Every other person has this complaint. It is a different thing that someone suffers from this problem sometimes while some other person frequently suffers from this problem.


There can be many reasons for acidity like- consumption of too much fried food, sleeping after a heavy meal, excess pressure, increased level of salt acid in the stomach etc. This problem can be solved in two ways, i.e. immediate solution and long term solution.

Instant Solution:

When there is acidity problem, eat a banana, eat cold curd, eat cold sabudana (sago) kheer for immediate but temporary treatment. If all this is not available at that time, then drink more quantity of water.

Long Term Solution:

Permanent treatment eradicates any disease from the root but most of the people do immediate solution only. This solves the problem at that time, but after some time the same problem starts again. Actually one has to work hard for permanent treatment which almost every person wants to avoid.

Apply the following measures & you will definitely get rid of this problem:

  • Start your day with half a cup of raw cabbage juice. While Ayurveda fully supports this remedy, many Western Naturopaths also follow it.
  • Drink at least three glasses of fresh water in the morning and then eat a biscuit with some tea. If you can stop drinking tea, it is much better. Take fruit in place of tea.
  • If you are not in the habit of having breakfast in the morning, then start taking breakfast in the morning. Start it by eating fruits. As for fruits, you can take banana or papaya. Keep in mind, being on an empty stomach promotes acid secretion.
  • Avoid eating cauliflower, kidney beans and heavy pulses. All these things promote acidity.
  • Smoking and alcohol is also a reason for acidity.
  • If you have a complaint of acidity, avoid eating food late at night. Your complete meal stays in your belly. Due to which vomiting also occurs and acid is formed in the stomach.
  • Dairy products also promote acidity. To test them, consume them for fifteen days, see their effect. If it is harmful for you, stop consuming it


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