Don't Close the Conversation -sachi shiksha

Don’t Close the Conversation

Introduction: Sitting aside after fighting and sulking or going one’s own way is not the solution to any problem. The problem is solved by sitting together. Therefore, efforts should be made to ensure that the path of dialogue is not closed.

Realize the Power of Living Together:

No matter how much bitterness may arise in relationships, one cannot stay away from them. Sooner or later they have to be corrected. Everything goes wrong & a knot is formed when they are joined together. Later they have to be forgotten by saying, ‘Remove old things and forget them.’ Elders never say anything wrong. We all know the power of coming together and living as one.

Conflicts are Natural:

Sometimes conflicts arise in the society, in the neighborhood, in our workplace i.e. everywhere. Every person’s thoughts, his thinking, his way of working are different. Therefore it is natural for this to happen, no one can deny it. This can never mean that we develop enmity towards that particular person. With the passage of time, our bitterness may turn into an enmity between generations. And its end is always tragic. It serves nobody’s interest.

Compromise is the Final Solution:

Even if a conflict arises between two people or groups and there is a need to go to the police station or court, ultimately a compromise has to be reached. Both parties get relief only by shaking hands. Children keep fighting in their house. Then we hug them and say sorry to each other. That means a compromise is reached and we, along with the children, become happy. We teach them to love. We ask them to refrain from fighting. Stay together, apologize if you make a mistake and live together.

Set Positive Examples Before Children:

We give lessons to children and their tender minds accept them out of respect for us, but when it comes to elders, our ego comes in the way. We forget our own lessons given to others and become stubborn or obstinate. If children want to ignore what we say, then we make them agree to our point of view. What example do you set before them?

Hold the Relationships Firmly:

Fights in the family often occur due to misunderstandings or wrong decisions. Just as flesh cannot be separated with nails, similarly one should not distance oneself from brothers because of prejudice. The threads of relationships should be held firmly and should not be broken. When you try to assemble, there is a gap left. Sometimes one realizes that for so long we have been blaming each other for no one’s fault.

Political Diplomacy:

If we look at political diplomacy, we see that even after war, two countries have to compromise. They keep talking to each other even after enmity.

Get the Support of Your Loved Ones:

One should conduct one’s behavior in such a way that it does not harm anyone. The path of communication should always be kept open. By abandoning our dogmas and sitting together, we can arrive at positive agreements. Respecting them makes everyone happy which is priceless. Only the very fortunate get the support of their loved ones. Everyone should avoid turning this good fortune into bad luck.


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