Different ways to say - Sorry

Different ways to say – Sorry

Sorry is a healing word. It sounds sweet for the person who hears it, but it is very difficult for a person to say it.

At times few of our actions or words hurt the people around us that could include either in our family or friend circle, or with our classmates/colleagues.

At such times, Sorry is the word that comes easily, naturally and handy to clear the differences.

When one gets hurt, sorry works as an ointment when one says “I am sorry”, sweetly. It works as a cool breeze in relationships and impedes it from breaking or going wary. Any relationship takes years to build on, but few moments to break off. At such junctures, sorry is the word, which helps the relation to brick the wall.

Of course, in this game of saying sorry, all you need is to say Sorry in such a way that it should touch the heart of the person who’s got hurt and s/he should forgive you with a smiling face.

Let’s learn few of the tricks of saying sorry
If you are feeling very ashamed to say sorry in front of the person, then you can send a greeting card or bouquet of flowers with a small note of “Sorry”. It would clear air about you in that person’s mind and s/he may forgive you.

Time heals everything. If you fail in your attempts even after saying sorry, then try to give some more time for other person to get out of that hurt feeling. Send a card or bouquet of flowers after two or three weeks. Try to talk to the person over the issue. There are people who forget about the difference after a limited period and forgive the other person.
Sometimes saying sorry may not work immediately.

If the argument refuses to budge down, leave it and say sorry after sometime over the phone. As it would give the person space to cool down.
If you have to say sorry to your wife/husband or roommate, wait for some time for the partner to get over the emotions. Immediate sorry may work in wrong direction, leading to differences and it may not be very effective either.

Never use sorry only to save your skin. Keep in mind that it should be used as a corrective measure of your behavior. It is very important that saying sorry should not be a habit of yours. While dealing with other people always think twice and then act.
If the person who’s hurt because of your words or actions and feels that you should walk out of the room, then just go out. S/he may forgive you in your physical absence. It is wise to end the chapter there only.

While saying sorry do not hug or embrace the other person.
It might instigate his/her anger. But if the other person forgives you and is willing to hug you, then certainly do not hesitate or say no.
These are few ways which would certainly help you to strengthen your relations and make the bonds stronger.


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