Give Sweet Punishment to Children

Introduction: There are very few children who agree to what is said at once. Often when children make mistakes, the elders explain to them lovingly so that it does not happen again. If they make a mistake again, they are explained to them, but if they make the same mistake again and again, the parents get irritated with them, due to which the mother punishes the children even if she does not want to.

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Effect of Punishment on the Child & the Mother:

Due to this, not only the child cries but the mother also feels very sad. Even though she may not be able to express her grief in front of the child, there is so much regret in her heart only she knows this. If you too are troubled by this nature of yours, then next time give such punishment to your child so that he learns a lot and does not repeat his mistake.

How to Deal with 5-7 Year Old Children?

Children of Children are stubborn by nature. Making them understand is not an easy task. Five-seven year old children cannot be explained because they are stubborn. The way to make them understand is to make their choices their weapon, like saying goodbye to their favorite video games or TV. At this age children love watching TV, playing video games, watching cartoons, eating ice cream, and eating chocolate etc. Take advantage of this weakness of the children. Whenever the child makes a mistake, his choice can be restricted. Stop watching his cartoons.

Don’t prepare his favorite dish. Stop playing the TV. Don’t let them play video games. Allow your child to watch video games or TV only if he promises that he will not make the same mistake again. Secondly, if he does any good work or listens to you, you can bring him a good cartoon movie or CD etc. This will encourage the child to do good work. Apart from this, to encourage him, you can also do something else for him like making his favorite dish and feeding him.

Often children avoid eating bitter gourd, ghee, mustard greens etc. If the child does not listen to you then give him a vegetable like this to eat. With this, children will get punishment for their mistakes and also nutritious food. If the child obeys you, then prepare something of his choice and give it to him to eat. This will also encourage the child to do good works.

Dealing with 8-12 Year Old Children:

At the age of eight to twelve years the child becomes even more stubborn. He starts understanding a lot but childishness remains in him like this. He starts living among friends. He starts considering himself very big. In such a situation, if a mistake is made, the children can first be explained regarding the mistake with love. If he still doesn’t agree then ban him from playing.

Stop him from mixing with his friends. Do not let him watch the channel or movie of his choice but remember that you also have to accept the control you are exerting on your child. You will also have to control yourself while watching films. If you do not bear your punishment with your child, your strict attitude can make your child rebellious.

Dealing with 13-15 Year Old Children:

At the age of thirteen to fifteen, children become even more aggressive. They don’t know what is right and what is wrong? They think they are the only ones who are right. So, to correct your children’s mistakes, you can keep them away from their hobbies, such as keeping them away from gadgets or asking them not to get the gadgets they want to buy.

Constructive Punishments for Children:

Apart from this, at this age the child can be punished by giving him various tasks like asking him to clean or to arrange his cupboard. Children often shy away from such activities. Moreover, ask the child to iron clothes, especially his own clothes. You can punish your son for helping in the kitchen work like cutting vegetables, serving food, rolling roti etc. He will not want to do these things hence he will definitely make some improvements in himself. In this way, children can be forced to correct their mistakes by giving them a sweet punishment.


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