Experiences of Devotees

The Grace of Revered Sai Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj

Experiences of Devotees: The Revered Sai Ji Fulfilled His Disciple’s Wish

Devotee Ishwar Das Insan, son of Shri Lachhman Das, village Kukkadthana, district Sirsa, presently residing at Kirti Nagar, Sirsa, describes the immense grace of His Holiness Revered Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj in the following manner:

It pertains to the year 1954. I was studying in Arya School in Sirsa city and was living with my sister in the village Rangri Kheda. By that time my elder brother Arjun Das Insan had been initiated into the God`s Words by Revered Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj. Revered Shah Mastana Ji also blessed me with the God`s Words and stated, “Your name was written in Sachkhand (Abode of Truth). You have one foot here in this material world and another foot there at the Abode of Truth. Today We have taken you to a place where great people lose and are left on the way.”

The present narrative belongs to the year 1957. It was winter season. My elder sister was paralyzed. She was married in the village Rangri Kheda. She was treated at Sangwan Hospital in Sirsa city, but she did not recover. She was in great pain. When I saw her condition, I thought within myself and let out a sigh, a painful cry that either God should cure her or call her to His lotus feet, that is, let her die. I consulted my younger brother-in-law Des Raj to request to Revered Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj in this regard. He agreed with me.

We both headed towards Dera Sacha Sauda to pray at the lotus feet of Revered Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj. On the way we took some bananas and oranges for Prasad (Blessed eatable). We reached in front of the spiritual abode. At that time, devotee-volunteer Hathi Ram of village Jandwala was on duty at the main door. He refused to let us take fruits inside. Then we met Prakash Chand Bajaj, who had a tea stall there. Prakash told us that Revered Shah Mastana Ji has observed silence fast.

That’s why His Spiritual Majesty won’t come out. But we had faith in our Perfect Guru that the Revered Sai Ji, who is omniscient, will definitely listen to our call. At that time soil and bricks were being collected in front of the gate of the spiritual abode. We also started serving there. Meanwhile we heard the loud and lovely voice of Revered Shah Mastana Ji. We came to know that the Revered Shahenshah Ji is coming out.

The whole spiritual followers chanted the holy slogan ‘Dhan Dhan Satguru Tera Hi Asra’ and jumped out of joy. Revered Shah Mastana Ji came out with some volunteers. The Revered Shahenshah Ji inquired about the wellbeing of all the devotee-volunteers and pointing towards me stated: Master, how did you come?’ At first I did not have the courage to say anything, but after being repeatedly prompted by the Spiritual Master, I fearfully requested, the Revered Sai Ji, my sister is ill, she is in a lot of trouble, please have mercy.

The Revered Shahenshah Ji stated, ‘Has she been blessed with the Lord`s Name?’ When I said yes, the Revered Sai Ji stated, “Who will chant the God`s Words? We take away the soul by purifying it from the filth of its deeds. Who will bear the load of her deeds? The souls get stuck ahead and it takes thousands of years on the way to the Abode of Truth.” I said, the Revered Sai Ji, please have mercy.

Meanwhile, on the road, a long line of camel carts coming from the village Begu was seen, on which women and children were sitting and many men were walking on foot. The omniscient Spiritual Master, blessing him with His right hand and holding His sacred stick in His hand, addressed the devotee-volunteers standing nearby and stated, ‘Let Me tell you one thing, will you agree?’ When the volunteers nodded in the affirmative, the Revered Shahenshah Ji stated, ‘It is difficult to believe.’ Then the Revered Sai Ji gestured towards the camel owners and stated, ‘ Brother! Look at their luck.

They do not know the diving working of the Spiritual Master. But this poor humble Servant (Talking about Himself), by the grace of Revered Sawan Shah Ji, knows everything about them. They don’t know when the meeting is going to happen. You see, when they pass from here, they will turn their faces to the other side. But as per the orders of Revered Sawan Shah Ji, whoever passes in front of the Dera will also be blessed & saved from the Negative Power. How will We leave the one who has been initiated into the Lord`s Name by humble Servant Mastana? You decide.” Then pointing towards me and my brother-in-law the Revered Sai Ji said, ‘Tell brother! Is it okay?’ After delivering these words, Revered Shahanshah Ji went to the ashram.

The volunteers were serving there. We were not feeling like serving. We were repenting in our hearts that we did not take Prasad (blessed eatable) for the patient and we could not even offer the fruits we had to the Revered Shahenshah Ji. The Revered Shahenshah Ji came to us again while roaming around the spiritual abode. The omniscient Revered Sai Ji addressed us and said, ‘How did you come, brother?’ When I gathered courage and urged for my sick sister, the Revered Shahenshah Ji discussed in detail with the volunteers there about the deeds, recitation of Lord`s Name and care of the living being and said, ‘One should remain content only with the will of the Spiritual Master.

The welfare of the living being lies therein. When the Revered Shahenshah Ji started returning after ordering the volunteers to serve, the Revered Sai Ji put His sacred stick on the fruits hidden with my brother-in-law and asked, ‘What is therein?’ We said, the Revered Sai Ji! We have brought this for Prasad. The Revered Shahenshah Ji did not say anything and opened the window and went into the spiritual abode. Some on-duty volunteers also went inside. Somehow we also went inside.

The Revered Shahenshah Ji ordered a GSM (A sage-devotee who has left his family for service to humanity & recitation of the Lord`s Name) to bring the chair and said, ‘We will sit in the sunlight.’ The Revered Shahenshah Ji sat in the chair. The Revered Shahanshah Ji started delivering discourse, ‘Okay brother, where is the volunteer from the village Rangri Khera (Des Raj)?’ He stood up scared. The Revered Shahenshah Ji said, ‘Well done! Brother. Where is that Prasad?’ Des Raj, with folded hands, placed the bananas and oranges tied in the scarf in front of Revered Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj. When the Revered Sai Ji accepted the prasad, we felt encouraged that ‘our work will be done.’ That means Prasad will be available for the patient. But that had to happen what was the will of the Spiritual Master. The Revered Shahenshah Ji addressed the spiritual gathering and said, ‘Who would like to eat bananas and oranges?

Everyone agreed with the wish of the Spiritual Master. The Revered Shahenshah Ji distributed those bananas and oranges among the devotees sitting in front of us. Now one banana and one orange were left. We were thinking that we will get it, but only the Revered Spiritual Master knows His working.” Then the Revered Shahenshah Ji said, “Brother! Call Hathi Ram.” Hathi Ram jumped high in the presence of the Revered Shahenshah Ji and folded both his hands in front of the Revered Shahanshah Ji. The Revered Shahenshah Ji put the banana and orange in his bag. The Revered Shahenshah Ji addressed us and said, ‘It is okay now brother.’ But due to not getting the Prasad, we became sad and disappointed.

Now the Revered Shahenshah Ji called the volunteer Bulla to Him and ordered him to bring four-five colorful flowers. Bulla plucked flowers from the nearby flower bed. Taking the flowers in His sacred lotus hand, the Revered Shahenshah Ji called me near Him and stated, ‘Brother! What is this?’ I replied that the Revered Sai Ji, these are rose flowers. Then the Revered Shahenshah Ji said, ‘You know everything. When the Spiritual Master has added color to the flowers, then who has made sick?’ And turning to the spiritual followers, the Revered Sai Ji said, ‘Look brother! These roses grew later, but the thorns were placed there earlier.

Therefore, all of you should also have the knowledge of flowers, thorns and happiness and sorrow. Okay brother, go now. Master, is it fine? But I could not say anything and the thought of taking Prasad was still in my mind. The Revered Shahenshah Ji got up from His chair and said, ‘Ok, brother, to whom should We give these flowers? We saw a ray of hope, but only Revered Spiritual Guide knows His own workings.

The Revered Shahenshah Ji gave one flower each to Bulla, Tulsi, another volunteer and Hathi Ram. The Revered Shahenshah Ji raised His sacred hand and gave flowers to everyone. At last one flower was left.  Both of us were called. We were very happy that we would get the Prasad. When the Revered Shahenshah Ji started giving me flower as a prasad, the Revered Sai Ji placed the flower very close to my hand, but instead of coming into my hands, that flower got scattered in the form of leaves due to the gust of wind. Nothing came into my hand.

The Revered Sai Ji stated, ‘Son! It is okay now. Go home.’ Delivering such words, the Revered Shahenshah Ji went into the Teravas (Sacred House). We collected flower leaves. We took an empty bottle from the spiritual abode and took water from the tap in it and put the flower leaves in it thinking that if he makes the patient drink this sacred water, the patient will be cured. But we worldly people could not understand why the Revered Shahenshah Ji did not give the flower in our hands.

A volunteer had said at that very moment that your sister would leave for the next world. When we reached near our house, we could hear crying. After reaching home, we consoled all the relatives and narrated the words of the Revered Shahenshah Ji and everyone became happy. Holy water was used as Prasad. Everyone chanted the holy slogan Dhan Dhan Satguru Tera Hi Asra. We all thanked Shahenshah Mastana Ji who showed grace on such a sad soul and took care of the soul in last moment.


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