Recite God's Word and Make 100% Use of Your Brain

Spiritual Congregation (Sunday, April 2, 2017) Param Pita Shah Satnam Ji Dham, Dera Sacha Sauda, Sirsa

Dear devotees of God Almighty! In this ‘kalyug’ (the Era of Evils), the evil mind and its allied senses are totally out of control. The person thinks something, but what happens is something else.

At many times there is something inside the person and something else outside. It has become a common thing these days. This double standard, the double thinking is a policy of the ‘Kalyug’. Everyone seems to be following the same thing nowadays. To promise moon to the people is to take the person away from God.

It is like walking on a path which will lead you nowhere. But what exactly is the evil mind? Where does it stay? All the negative thoughts that come to the human beings are given by the evil mind. It is called the thought of the evil mind.

But all the positive thoughts that come to us are given by the soul. In this world, there is negativity spread all around us. When you undertake any work, be it small or big, a type of fear creeps in immediately.

These doubts are of various kinds. I am trying to attempt this work, but will I pass? Will I be successful? Are there chances also that I may suffer a loss? I hope I don’t make any mistake. There are doubts at every nook and corner.

This will happen. That will happen. Something wrong will happen. The negative thoughts come to our mind first, but the positive thoughts do not come. Even if the positive thoughts come, they are very late. It is all because it is the time of ‘Kalyug’. The thoughts of the evil mind are prevalent. It does not allow the positive thoughts to come to surface easily.

All the time there are negative thoughts which possess the mind of any person. This is the reason that he gets surrounded by all sorts of worries and troubles. The human beings can remain happy and free of worries. He can end all the negative thoughts coming to his mind if he recites God’s word & render humanitarian service on a regular basis.

There may be many evil thoughts passing through your mind, but if you repeat God’s word for five minutes, all the negative thoughts will go away and you will be free from the fruit of evil thoughts. Then there will be no negative effect on your life also of the wrong things. But you have to remember that if you follow the negative thoughts, they will also follow you for the rest of your life and have adverse effect in times to come.

You may be thinking how many people are there in this world to worry about such things. People do not worry about such things at all. People follow their regular plan every day. It is also true that many people do not have any plan at all in life. They do according to their whims and fancies. There are talks about many things. What is this? Such people are also happy. But brother you are wrong.

Most cases of suicides happen concerning those people who lead this type of life. They become victims of negativity. Outwardly they say that the earth looks very beautiful. But who knows when the volcano may erupt or earthquake may take place to shatter everything.

In the same way what looks from outside may not necessarily be the same from inside also. At the same time there may be something inside which never comes out. The people of this world are so cunning by being educated or some other way that they do not allow their real feelings to be known to the people.

But those people, whose real thoughts come out of their mind fail to hide their feelings also. But these days there are very cunning and master mind people roaming around the world. They show something else, while deep inside they may be something else.

There are very few people in this world who remain the same from both inside and outside. They speak what they think and think what they speak. But such people are few. These days people have caught the disease of double standard. They show something else, speak something else and the thoughts passing through their minds are something else. The thoughts going inside your mind can give you happiness and tension.

If something negative keeps visiting your mind ,it gives you tension definitely. For example if somebody tells you something boring and if he keeps telling you the same thing time and again, your reaction is ‘Yaar paka diya’ (in the general talk people use this term, meaning you have bored me enough). In the same way the mind also gets bored when you play the same negative thought repeatedly.

Your mind will then say, ‘Yaar paka diya’. When this happens you are bound to get bored and later you may also get tension out of this. This is the truth. You can read science, or you can read spirituality. The fact is that you keep repeating the negative thought. You never leave that negative track. All this creates tension in your mind.

But such things do not go away on their own. You need will power. If you have the will power, you will be able to drive away the negative thoughts from your mind thereby making yourselves tension free. It is the habit of the evil mind to generate small negative things and then create tension.

For example, if during reciting God’s word or attending spiritual congregation you suddenly happen to sneeze, you will say, Oh. I had come for the religious congregation why has this sneeze come to me? Why have I caught cold? Why have I developed headache now? Is there any guarantee that if you come to attend spiritual congregation this will not happen? In your day-to-day life you never blame others like this.

All this may also happen because of you. You may have eaten something in particular, or you have made your body in such a manner that it gets adversely affected according to the change in weather like the summer or in winter. But it is also true that by virtue of regular repetition of God’s word, the possible loads of mountain like evil deeds and cancer like diseases may get dissolved.

I initiated 6 crore people into God’s word and crores of people tell Me that they have experienced such things. Many people came with proof that they had cancer of the fourth stage. Then they got connected to God’s name, repeated it day in and day out and when they again consulted the doctor and had another examination, it was found that there was nothing called cancer left to them now.

Even the doctors were puzzled. It is not possible in science, but for God it is no big issue at all as it was made possible by Him in no time. If God can make a human being from just two drops, then removing any disease from the same body is akin to removing a hair from butter for Him…….

I have seen such amazing things happening here with crores of people. It is not by chance that these things happen. There is no mystery also. There are many doctors also who come here to relate their amazing experiences. These are the same well-read doctors who have full faith in science, but such miracles took place with them also.

Why would they tell a lie about such things? Here I am not praising Myself. All these praises are for the same God, Omkar, Om, Hari, Allah, Wahe Guru, Ram whose name you recite & get the positive result in no time. Saints are like a teacher and a master, the teacher keeps standing while teaching because if he does not stand up he will not be visible to the children sitting at the back of the classroom.

If the speaker is not seen by the people, the listeners do not feel comfortable. Therefore I have to sit at a higher place so that I can be seen by all the people present here. Otherwise there is nothing in Me that I sit at a higher level than you all. The other reason is that it is written in the holy Ramayana that if anybody sits at the place where God’s name is being taken, God will be blessing everybody there with His benevolence.

I sit on the top here so that God can be seen as well as you all who are sitting here during the spiritual congregation in this ‘kalyug’. When you come for the religious discourse here you must also listen to the sermons very carefully.

The power of the mind of the human being is tremendous. People just made use of 5-to 10 per cent of their mind and made supercomputers. Missiles were also manufactured. People have made all objects of destruction. If the human beings manage to use say 50 per cent of their minds then an easier & more comfortable way of living can be introduced. Everybody will be able to spend his life in peace and comfort.

But this can be possible only if the human mind is used up to 50% & that too in a positive manner. People should then only think of good things. It is then only that the will power will increase. The will power increases by remembering God. Until you recite God’s word /Guru mantra, your will power will not increase.

The will power is inside the human being. You cannot buy it from somewhere else. You all have this will power. You all have 100 per cent power of the mind. Now who uses how much per cent of the mind depends on you all. An example can be given in this regard. There was a person. He was asked that if he had to pay the price of the mind how will he be able to do that ? For example there is a big officer.

Many people work under him. All responsibilities of the company are with him. So how much from Rs 100 will be given to him? He says he will give him Rs 50. He was asked another question. Say there is a lawyer. He speaks the whole day. How much money will be given to him? The person said he will give Rs 25 to him.

Then another person asked him a question about somebody who works, but speaks very little. He does not work much also. How much money will you give him? He replied that he will give him Rs 75. Then there was another question about a person who does not work at all. He eats and sleeps only and lives a comfortable life. The person said he will give him Rs 100. The person who asked the question was surprised.

I asked you to make an assessment of the mind. What kind of answer is this? He said that the person who speaks the whole day and works hard uses his mind. If I buy, what will be left for me? The person who eats and sleeps the whole day but does not do anything has an absolutely fresh mind. I therefore have assessed that his mind is worth Rs 100. ….Therefore I say that I do not want that your mind should be worth Rs 100.

Do not take back the mind after death in the same manner that you have brought it to this earth. If you have come to this world then make full use of your mind. The mind is very powerful. Take good and powerful as well as positive thoughts from the mind and then work hard towards your goal. Negative thoughts make a person evil minded whereas positive thoughts make you a great person.

Positive thoughts can even make it possible for you to reach God. It is therefore necessary that you make good use of your mind. The more you make use of your mind, the more work you can take from it. . The mind will then work in a better manner for you and will be so useful to you. When you are trying to solve any puzzle you think about it and make use of the mind, but don’t get the answer. Then you try again and still you fail to get the answer. Then you try again and again and again.

And then if you find the correct answer then you know your effort has not gone waste. It means that the memory of your mind has grown. But if you try it just once and leave it, if you don’t get the answer your mind will not grow at all. If you recite God’s word then the thinking power grows. When your thinking power grows you make use of the brain more and God also showers His blessings on you.

It is necessary that you spend time in the remembrance of God. After getting fresh in the morning you can repeat God’s word for say even ten minutes and then before lunch you can do so for just five minutes. In the same manner before dinner you can again do recitation of God’s word for five minutes. Make a rule that you will devote time to the repetition of God’s word. Only then will you get to know the power of prayer & devotion.

Otherwise there are milk, sweets, dry fruit all in front of you, but by just folding hands to them you will not get anything. But if you pick up these items and eat them, only then will you get energy and you will also get the taste. The same rule is applicable to the name of Ram/God. If you recite God’s word, you will get inner strength. All your worries, problems will vanish .

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