You are not punctual and then raise holy slogans

You are not punctual and then raise holy slogans

Experiences of the Devotees

The Grace of Revered Beparvah Mastana Ji Maharaj
Gyani Kartar Singh ji from Village Rampurtheri Dera Sacha Sauda Hardwar Dham ,District Sirsa has told an incident about the Spiritual Master Sai Beparvah Mastana Ji Maharaj, as per above one divine miracle while he is alive:-

He told us that the above incident is of the year 1958. That day, there was a spiritual discourse of the Revered Sai Ji at Dera Sacha Sauda Satnampur Dham Kanwarpura (Sirsa) . The service committee of Sirsa city had to reach for the service for discourse. The volunteers had to go by the train from here(Sirsa) but waiting for each other and while doing so, till such time the volunteers were gathering, the train to Hissar, reached the last crossing after leaving the railway station. Now what to do? Everybody started repenting and there was no conveyance to reach there in time.

While repenting, one of the devotee said that we raise the holy slogan with devotion, as it is said that if the need be then raise the slogan and the high speed train may also stop. Then everybody raised the slogan “Dhan –Dhan Satguru Tera Hi Asra” for five times. They realized that the train stopped near the crossing. All the volunteers went and sat in the train, swiftly and while doing so they heard the railway employees discussing among themselves that why did the brakes got applied all of a sudden. The volunteers thanked the revered Spiritual Master from the core of their hearts.

Everybody got down at the Suchankotli station and reached the Kanwarpura Ashram on time. The moment the volunteers of the service committee entered the Kanwarpura Ashram, ie. they had just touched down at the ashram and raised the slogan with the fellow devotees, one volunteer said from a distance in high volume that the service committee volunteers should reach Teravas as soon as possible, there was some important work to be done with them.

Leaving everything then and there, all the volunteers reached in the service of the sacred order, immediately and raised the slogan and saluted the master.

The Revered Sai ji opined while rebuking them in a passionate voice that O brother why do you test the poor Mastana? You are not punctual and then you raise the slogan. When you raised the slogan, I was at Sachkhand (the Eternal Abode). From there itself, I stopped the train. Do not repeat the same, again. The revered Spiritual Master, with these stern words of his not only admonished them but also pardoned them.

The words of the saints are that the love of the world is fatal while even the anger of the saints is a bliss.

Even if the true saints- His holiness might have said anything in anger(on the mistake of His pupil) then there, too, you never know how much kindness is hidden, in that. Saints and Spiritual Master are a source of mercy, even if they might have said something bitter in anger(As such they do not say anything to anybody, ever) then you never know how many of your generation will get blessed.

A Spiritual Master is the sale source of mercy. His aim is to do the welfare of the souls , every moment, always.

The Spiritual Master Sai Mastana Ji Maharaj not only pardoned them but also granted them the limitless.

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