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The Illuminati

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The Illuminati refers to many groups, both fictitious as well as real. The name historically refers to the Bavarian Illuminati which is a secret society of the enlightenment era which was founded in Bavaria on 1 May 1776. Today, it is part of Germany.

The aims of the society were to stand against obscurantism, superstition, the religious effect over the life of people, and misuse of state power. General statutes had the slogan ” The order of the day” for ending the machinations of the purveyors of discrimination, for controlling them without any kind of domination.

Freemasonry, The Illuminati, and a few other societies were outlawed via edict by the elector of Bavaria, Charles Theodore, and the Catholic Church was encouraged from 1784 to 1790. During the following years, the Illuminati was vilified by religious critics and conservative groups who believed that the Illuminati is responsible for the French Revolution.

Many progressive politicians and intellectuals became members of the Illuminati. Franz Xaver von Zach and Ferdinand of Brunswick were a few of those. Literary men like Johann Gottfried Herder, Duke of Gotha, and Johann Wolfgang Goethe were attracted to the Illuminati.

Varied Usage of the Term Illuminati:

The term Illuminati has also been used to refer to different organizations which assist the continuation of actual Bavarian the Illuminati. These organizations have tried to control affairs of the world by planning events and setting agents in government firms for gaining political power for creating a new world order. Some highly used and elaborated conspiracy theories consider the Illuminati to be lurking in the shadows and pulling of power strings. This reflection of the Illuminati has made it prevalent in famous culture, television shows, films, music videos, and comics.Various weird things were practiced by the Illuminati. They used owl symbols, preferred pseudonyms for preventing the recognization  and complicated hierarchies like the minerval, novice, and the Illuminati , which parted the ranks.

The Initial Stage:

In the initial stage,the Illuminati’s members did not trust anyone who lied to the age group above 30 according to Hodapp as they were too stiff in their ways. There are no confirmations regarding other ritual reports but the members are extremely paranoid and use spy rules for keeping their identities a secret. During the following of unusual rituals, they also reflected an opinion that showed enlightenment ideals such as self-rule and rational thought, anti-social and anti-clerical, they were near to revolutionaries of the rulers of the world because they aimed to infiltrate powerful institutions such as monarchy.


Historians thought that the Illuminati was not completely successful in casting influence. Although others believed that the Illuminati controlled the world successfully and still does in the present time. It is hard to untangle the achievement of the Illuminati from the free-masons which they commingled with. It is as hard as to explain what impact the Illuminati actually cast in contrast to the effect people think they had.The Illuminati had some effective members with some dukes and other powerful leaders who are not remembered today. The Illuminati impacts the way we believe about them. If one believes that their revolutionary thoughts are spread to other groups, such as the French revolution, they have been successful.

Disappearance of the Illuminati:

The real Illuminati were wiped out. People have attempted to revive them but that is actually a money-making scheme only. The duke of Bavaria banned all secret societies including the Illuminati in the year 1785 and imposed great punishments on the people who joined them or tried to become part of them. Almost all the secrets of the groups were revealed and according to historians, the Illuminati vanished. After its disbanding, some conspiracy theories came into existence. A famous theory was explained by the physicist named John Robinson in the year 1797. He accused the Illuminati of clandestine intrigue. The French priest Abbe Barruel had same views that secret societies were responsible for the French revolution. Historians consider these theories to be conspiracies.


People still believe in the Illuminati today as it never completely got vanished from our society, it just got blurred in the background but a comeback of the Illuminati was marked in the middle of 1970s and we must show gratitude to trilogy who gave funny images to the group which it holds in the present time.


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