Pay attention to Your Inner Self - Sachi Shiksha

You look at the mountains they feel majestic, you sit on a beach you are in awe of the expansive sea, you see colourful flowers in a garden it lights you up, you hug your loved one you feel a sense of joy running through you, you achieve your goals you feel joyous, you see your family together and a sense of warmth engulfs you. All that you behold is a unique experience based on the richness or quality of your inner life. Just like the popular adage goes, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Our outer life relates to what is seen or known about us – physical appearance, status in the society, education, worldly belongings- mostly the tangible ones. Our outer self also spends most of its time coping with the demands of work, home life, school, social circle and other worldly distractions we experience in our day to day affairs. This external world can be a huge distraction in understanding or aligning with our inner life.

Our inner life or consciousness is the main driving force in our life. It is the source that makes our life rich with experiences e.g. it is a gray, cloudy day and raining heavily – depending on the inner life state different people will experience the same situation in different ways such as romantic, gloomy, creative and playful experiences. These different experiences are a result of the inner life of each individual.

A person surrounded by worldly pleasures may find the rain gloomy and dull, while a person living an ordinary life sees the rain as an expression of Mother Nature and finds the sun of hope illuminating his heart. The external peripherals of life do not solely count on the experience of one’s inner life.

The inner life acts both as a reservoir as well as a produce of emotions and thoughts in our lives. The more you keep yourself alienated from your inner core, the more you drift away from the real meaning of your life.

Finding your inner self is something that many people struggle with. Once you find it, your life can be the best it has ever been. The importance of knowing your inner self is that it brings you balance as well as peace in your day-to-day life. Having a rich inner life means being in touch with your true self and the vast terrain of your hopes and dreams, thoughts, emotions, instincts, and intuition. It is a private space for imagination and reflection which nourishes your creative spirit and a sense of well-being.

To enrich your inner life it is important to focus internally. There are many ways we can develop that inner life – through mediation, offering gratitude, learning to live in the present, prayer, value-based creative reading, spiritual engagement, extending your life to others, associate with like-minded people, learning from other’s life stories and other creative ways to enhance the beauty of one’s inner self.

Now let us delve into the fact of the joys of living in that inner beauty. One of the key parameters to assess our inner self is to observe our inner dialogue or quiet simply your thoughts. It is that little voice that comments on your life and the environment around you. This is happening consciously or sub-consciously. Our thoughts are constantly going on, either we are paying attention or not. Our inner dialogue has the power to guide us in a constructive or a destructive direction. Hence your inner dialogue can work for or against us.

Human beings are usually swaying between memories and imagination. It is like the pendulum in the grandfather clock swaying between the past and the future. When our inner dialogue sways between memories and imagination most of us often experience feelings of regret, loss, fear or anxiety. This further makes you feel unworthy, limited, and hopeless. These are the times that people whose inner dialogues are in chaos tend to either hurt themselves or hurt others. In extreme cases of such unwanted thoughts and chaotic inner life, society experiences the negative effects of crime in various forms. The inner self yearns for clarity but remains in the chaos of these unwanted feelings.

Still there are many in this world who experience grief or are facing an unwanted situation but they have the power to direct their inner dialogue to hope, gratitude, appreciation, creativity, wisdom and courage. Even when they are blessed with victories or achievements those with rich inner life direct their inner dialogue to gratitude, humility, compassion, empathy, appreciative of other’s contribution.

“It’s not what you say out of your mouth that determines your life; it’s what you whisper to yourself that has the most power.”

When you look at yourself in the mirror what do you say to yourself?

“Ugh!!! Look at yourself, FATTTY. But that didn’t stop you from going like a pig for those pastries yesterday. Gosh, you don’t have any control, such a weakling.”

OR do you say things like –

“Hey you missed your work out yesterday. Cool it, don’t beat up yourself, I know you are trying your best to be consistent even with a busy schedule. Yesterday was fun enjoying those pastries, now let’s get back to our regime.”

It is vital that you focus on the present and the power to take actions in the present. Your internal dialogue should also be proactive and positive. The difference in what you say to yourself & others affects your inner life. When your internal dialogue is proactive you will doubt yourself less, will appreciate yourself, and feel confident.

Your internal dialogue is very important. It gives you self-love, self-understanding and self-esteem. These are all aspects that add to your overall happiness. When you know yourself to the fullest extent (which can occur through engaging with your inner dialogue), you will lead a more happy and successful life.

Make your inner garden magnificent by planting the flowers of beautiful, powerful, positive thoughts; for as you stroll in its pathways you will be the only one who will bask joyfully in its glory.


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