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Importance of Dressing Well “Manners make a man”

 Introduction: Importance of manners is evident through this quotation. A man lives in  society and the society follows some norms. These norms are important for the functioning of the society. Dressing up is one of them.

Not only dressing but dressing well is very important. A considerable amount of the way we look and how our personality is depends on the way we dress up. It is the most superficial and visible identity a person can have. So it demands necessary attention. Dressing well and dressing right boosts one’s confidence. He is admired by all and this makes him further confident. A well dressed person is likeable.

He is well groomed, wears neat and clean clothes and the clothes are well ironed. Major part of dressing well is dressing right. Imagine a person wearing boxers to an event where ideally formals should be worn. He will make a joke of himself. Not only depending on occasions but one should also keep in mind their profession. Dressing up is the best way to express ourselves without having to say anything.

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Self Care:

Recruiters do analyze how the candidate presents himself, hence, his selection largely depends on what and how he is dressed up. That is because how smart we look and how presentable we are depends on our dressing sense. Dressing up is a form of self care. And diligently taking out that time consistently shows our discipline.

Undoubtedly it boosts our confidence because how we look and dress has an impact on our psychology and knowing that we look presentable indeed increases our confidence. Dressing well also gives a sense of accomplishment. When we feel good about ourselves we also feel happy. Studies say that taking care of ourselves and looking good reduces chances of depression and stress. This shows how important it is to take care of ourselves and indulge in a diligent self care routine.

Good Dressing Leaves First Impression:

It is said that one should never judge a book by its cover. Indeed this is true but the reason it is said is the fact that the society does function on preconceived notions and before a person actually gets a chance to say something and showcase his intelligence or not, the thing that would be noticed at first would be the way he dresses up. Fair or unfair is not something I would discuss in the article but this is the truth.

Hence, it is very important to dress good. Good dressing gives an impression that you are a person of power and charisma. It also makes one feel motivated and happy. Again what people think should not matter, but in a job interview, for example, it certainly does.

Right Colour & Size:

Choosing the right colours and fit is as important as other points mentioned above. People sometimes end up wearing colours that are quite off for the occasion or the work they are supposed to do and what is worse than this is improper fitting. Thus, we should be aware of our size and choose accordingly. Even the most expensive piece of cloth if worn by a person on which it doesn’t fit will be of no appeal.

While clothes not very expensive and that look average when in the right fit still makes a person look smart. Hence, size and colour really impacts how graceful and appealing we look. If we do not dress well that means we do not value and respect ourselves enough to be taken care of. Dressing well is like a therapy. It is so therapeutic that it invokes happy hormones in the body. Apart from this it makes a very good impression. It makes you believe in you.  Dressing well and being well-groomed shows more than just power, authority, and confidence.

It shows that you have self-respect. The way you decide to present yourself to the world is how they’ll take you. Dressing up not only means taking care of our attire but also means doing our hair neatly, keeping the nails short and clean, keeping the face well moisturized and washed, polishing the shoes and much more. When there is a dress code one should always make sure to dress according to the dress code in a neat and clean fashion.


The most important thing to be noted is the fact that while it is important to dress up well it is also important to dress comfortably. Discomfort is very evident if we wear clothes with clingy harsh fabrics and the ones that are ill fitted. Some clothing snatches away our confidence. Dressing well enhances self-esteem.

There have been plenty of studies done that shows when you dress well you feel more competent, responsible, and trustworthy. Dressing well tells people about you. And trust me, it is not a difficult task. It just needs willingness and desire to look confident and make an impact. So folks, dress well and dress right. It goes a long way. Most importantly dressing up is really fun. Once you start enjoying the process, there is no going back.


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