Strengthening generation though high morale and courage

Strengthening generation though high morale and courage Most adorable saint His Holiness Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh ji Insan of Dera Sacha Sauda, Sirsa,

is kind enough to provide timely guidance for parents to inculcate virtuous characters in the present generation.

It has been during the spiritual discourse on Sunday (12th April, 2015) that these guidelines were conveyed for nurturing the children attaining the age of 9 to 10 years. It has been observed that the boys and girls in the present situations are intelligent enough to understand almost equivalent for the youth of 18-20 years in the past.

The parents should try to establish strong foundation for their children so as to nurture a happy, peaceful and prosperous society. Our main objective should be to organize the development of future with distinguished, courageous, progressive and humane excellence so that the parents achieve the honor through the qualities in their coming generation.

Induce strong urge for meditation in your children:

The children at this age obediently try to follow your directions. Therefore, motivate them to joint you during meditation and educate them that meditation provides eternal power. You should treat it as your duty to guide the young ones to concentrate on studies after reciting religious slogan and consuming water.

Spare sufficient time for children:

It is essential for devote good time for your descendents despite your busy schedule. You should create cordial atmosphere and invite their companions from schools or college to your home to know about the type of their company.

This will furnish happiness to your child for sparing time for his/her friends. More so, you shall also realize that your child does not possess wicked company which may cause disgraceful stigma.

Maintain friendly behavior with children:

If you develop and maintain friendly behavior, your child will not hesitate to reveal about the daily incidents. Certain parents develop demon like feelings and may create unwanted slapping. Such reactions tend to spoil the attitude of children. It you improve upon your dealings, the child will definitely be comfortable to divulge the mishaps, if any, of the school. The child shall develop great regards for you even if strayed in the crowed.

Remain deeply involved with family affairs:

The parents may remain busy in office for 8 hours per day. You are likely to give your consent for devoting even 12 hour in a day if the administration offers double salary. But we suggest you to devote at least 2 hours (if not four) for the upkeep and progress of the family. Your family will earn honor in the world and even your present income will prove to be doubly beneficial.

Educate to follow the principles of humanity:

The parents are requested to guide their children regarding the supreme concepts of religion and humanity in addition to full attention for seeking proper education. You should pacify the crying child by providing certain gifts. Inspire your children to accompany you for providing relief to the suffering animals through food, water or remedial treatment. You can also seek the company of your children while giving feed to the birds. Tell them to seek divine bliss for their progress in studies and achieving delight. Try to donate books to the needy students. Thus, inducing good habits prove to be beneficial in the long run.

Make your children strong to avoid fear:

The child should not get frightened at the very sight of snake but should to careful from snake bite. The snake gets agitated when tortured. It is better to escape from the side passage instead of teasing it. Such knowledge is essential instead of developing fear from dangers. Guide your descendents about the righteous aspect of actions.

Teach the children to learn about self-defense:

They should avoid embarrassment through bashful activities. Gone are the days when daughters were considered as feeble but now they are physically strong and mentally powerful race. It is essential became they should be proficient to challenge the persons with wicked attitude. Therefore, inspire the children to stay well built and courageous.

Guide the children to acquire eloquent dress:

The boys and girls of this age group get fascinated through fashionable attire. Therefore, do not deprive them of their choice. Even the poorest can choose the clothing’s prepared through cotton dress designers. Fashion generally means the style and not any show off pattern.

Provide healthy diet to the children:

You can arrange family get together, where you can serve fruit juice. Prepare homemade puddings and meal items of onion, potato, cheese etc. Roasted food is more healthy and tasteful as compared to fried materials. These may seem to be more laborious for you but children acquire firm foundation during their developing stage. Don’t adopt hasty and waste technique to provide fast food like Maggie etc.

You may feel anxious at present but repercussion may become painful in future when your children may decide to send you in asylum meant for aged persons. “As you sow, so shall you reap”. The children may not spare proper time for your elderly age, if you don’t devote sufficient time for their nurturing. Therefore, provide proper time and healthy diet for your descendents.

We don’t convey any adverse remarks against any corporate but advice you to avoid serving the packed juice and food to the children of 10-15 years of age because scientific research has revealed that intake of packed food, juice, soft drinks etc may increase the chances of malignancy. Therefore, adapt to the choice of providing fresh fruit juice and self prepared cold drinks to the family members during summer.

Study of another research paper reveals that use of non-stick pan also enhances the chances of cancer. Although our food does not get glued with pan but certain elements of non-stick utensils contaminate our food which increases the danger for many diseases. It is better if we cook our food only on recommended and specified iron hot plates.

Consume sufficient quantity of water and induce similar habits in children:

Taking good amount of water helps to eliminate defects caused by bacteria, germs, virus etc through urine and stool. Make determination to consume 5-7 liters of water per day. This also helps to prevent the development of kidney stone.

Take vegetables cultivated through organic farming:

Many harmful chemicals are being added to milk, ghee and water these days which create may hygienic problems. Therefore, try to escape from these defects. Spare some open area when you plan the construction of your home so as to grow organic vegetables. These plants shall emancipate decoration through beautiful flowers and fruits. Certain persons express their inability on this line because they have brick and cemented houses. We shall be giving unique proposal to these people within a few days to grow vegetables even in concrete houses sand other places of business.

However, you can try to grow vegetables in earthen pots. The fruit yield through such cultivation prove to be tasteful even being sour. You are advised to provide safety to your children from harmful chemicals. Consumption of junk food also become the cause of many diseases and promotes acidity, high blood pressure, muscular weakness and obesity. Therefore, concentrate on providing healthy food to the children.

Pay full attention on the education of children:

Motivate and encourage your child to acquire best education. Don’t get annoyed even if your child is unable to secure good marks in the first examination. Don’t rebuke on such occasions, rather tell him or her to be rewarded with gifts on securing better percentage of marks next time because you shall provide personal guidance.

This shall doubly raise the confidence of the child and then may achieve first position. Never create so much fear that the child may think of committing suicide. If the child still gets marks less than the expected results, even then inspire the child of providing personal efforts for better performance next time. Encourage the child with a statement, “you possess sufficient knowledge and you can definitely acquire success.”

Guide them with the art of taking bath and wearing dress through self practice:

The child should learn the perfect technique of bathing and acquire self dressing. The children of 5-6 years of age, know this art in other countries and thus they make acquire perfection by 9-10 years over here. Develop confidence in the child to be self reliant and independent in taking bath. Our educational institution have started the training of baking techniques right from 3rd standard because the students should learn taking meals, bathing, dressing etc. You should also guide them in the right directions.

Develop the art of best behavior in children:

Guide them with the righteous techniques of eating, drinking wearing etc. Teach them to welcome the guests with the holy slogan “Dhan Dhan Satguru Tera Hi Asra” which conveys that only the spiritual matter shall always be your supportive power. This will definitely increase your regards. The simple way of speaking, “Hay or Bye”, only suggests the process of knowing the health condition of the guest. Both of them, the visitor and the host, shall get the divine bliss.

Is there any other slogan in the whole world better than this? Elaborate to the guest that your child has urged for the best wishes. The visiting member shall feel delighted and influenced through the superb greeting behavior. Educate the child not to get worried or hesitate on the arrival of the guest. He or she should treat the guest with open mind in a respectful manner.

Guide the children to develop delightful attitude:

Share humor and jokes with your children so that they don’t get confused and become self centered. But guide them, to escape from indecency and indulge in shameful actions.

Educate children to take interest in hard work:

Teach them to learn swimming, yoga, exercise etc. Young children involved in the practice of gymnastics gain physical strength and never face the fear of body damage. Mother should provide self feed to the children for 2-3 years for better development of muscles and bones.

Guide the children about the expected physical changes with the advancement of age:

The children after the age of 12 years gain transformation to youth. Mother should educate the daughter and father to the son, regarding possible changes at this stage. The growing children will not indulge in misdeeds, if the parents guide them in righteous manners. The youth should learn noble and positive objective of gaining strength for hard work and performing voluntary social service. The parents can inculcate the virtuous modifications as per their inspirations.

Try to settle right schedule for taking meals:

It shall prove to be fruitful if the time is pre-decided for taking breakfast, lunch, evening refreshment and dinner. Accompany them for a stroll of 1-2 kilometers after dinner. Such habits induced at the age of 10 years, shall help in sustaining fitness for the whole life, otherwise, obesity becomes painful. The routine of walking after dinner improves digestion and provides desired strength. Guide the children regarding the benefits of timely awaking and going to bed.

You shall gain substantial respect of being kind parents when you guide and motivate your children with the virtuous skills. Such children will always stay gratified. They will develop love, affection and warm regards for parents.
Dr. Triloki Nath Chugh Insan,
Co-ordinator, Shah Satnam Ji Educational Institutions,
Dera Sacha Sauda, Sirsa (Hry)

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