The Power of Detox

Introsuction: What do we do if our mobile phone got stuck or hang or heated up? What do we do if it pops up the message “storage full”?  It means a  sign that our phone is working beyond the limit and containing excess junk files.  It is the sign to give it some rest and clear the junk files which is very crucial.  The phone will return to the original condition after clearing the junks.  This act of removing junk files and letting it have some time is known as Detoxication.

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Why Should  We Detoxicate Our Body:

Detoxicationis the process of getting rid of or removing toxic substances from the body.  It is clearing off the toxins from the body of the patient and helps in regaining its original health.  In everyday life, we are intaking lots of toxins knowingly or unknowingly.  Even in the name of organic foods, we are ingesting toxins.  So, it is necessary to flush out the toxins.

Liver and kidney are doing the job of detoxing.  They keep on flushing out the toxins that are entering our body.  However, sometimes some toxins stay in our body.  The accumulation of such toxins may cause greater impact on us.  How do we come to know the time for detox?  Our body becomes fatigue, tired even after enough amount of sleep, feeling nausea all the time, etc.  Hence it is the time to detox by following methods.

How to Detox Our Body?

There are several ways to detox our body. By doing the following steps, we can gain the healthy life.

  • EAT HEALTHY, LIVE HEALTHY: Have a balanced diet. Every nutrient is essential in daily diet. Never miss out on that.   Never feel pity or low in eating healthy.  Rather feel proud being healthy.  Say NO to caffeine, coloured foods and carbonated drinks.
  • DRINK PLENTY OF WATER: Intake plenty of water. Water will clear all toxins in our body through sweat and urine. It also helps to make the skin glow. Water is also required for kidney to perform detox.
  • INTAKE OF FRUITS AND VEGS: In daily diet, the portion of fruits and vegs are essential. Especially fibre rich fruits and vegs aids greater in detoxification.
  • FASTING: Begin to fast often. It majorly aids in clearing out toxins and detox our body. Having plenty of water while fasting is amazing act to pull out toxins.  Generally, while fasting as there is no food to digest our metabolism turns to other functions automatically to utilise its energy. At that time, our energy is redirected to clear out body toxins.
  • AVOID PROCESSED FOODS AND ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS: Processed foods and artificial sweeteners are toxins and contains calories and bad cholesterol. They may cause several health hazardous effect.
  • SLEEP CYCLE: Having the proper sleep cycle is essential to be healthy. It also helps in eliminating unwanted junks in our body. It boosts your immune system and our body goes hyper cleansing during sleep. That’s why it is advised to do skin care before we go to bed.
  • EXERCISE: Daily workout is essential for toxin free life. By sweating out, toxin go out of our body through sweat and helps in increasing metabolism to detox.
  • MEDITATE: Meditation helps in detoxing The mental detoxification happens when we meditate as mental health is also important. Detox will not only replenish our physical health but also mental and social health.

How to Detox Our Mental Health?

A mental detox is essential in taking care of ourselves and stay focus and balance in life.  We came to the time for detox by bodily signs and symptoms.  But how can we know when to and how to detox mentally.  When we feel low, depressed over filthy reason, anxiety, stressed, etc, it is the time to follow these steps:

  • Take a Break From Your Routine: Keep yourself free from your stressful life and do whatever you need to heal yourself. Have a private time and me-time.
  • Rearrange Your Room or House Settings: Set your house according to your mood. Change the lighting, place plants inside living room, change colours of the wall, placing feel good and positive vibe book in approcable distance.
  • The Arrangement Should be Related to 5 Senses: Sight – colours of the wall, hangings. Sound – playing feel good musics. Smell – using room freshners like lime and lavender fragrance which refresh our brain and sooth our mind.  Touch – using smooth rugs, blankets, etc.  Taste – having good and healthy food.
  • Vent Out Your Frustrations: Talk to someone trustable and share your feelings. Journaling is the best option to heal yourself.  Write down the thoughts whatever going in your mind.
  • Have a Resourceful Habit: Do whatever you like and make it a   It will relax your brain and mood.
  • Spare Timr For Meditation: Spare at least fifteen minutes in the morning & in the evening for meditation or Recitation of the God`s Words. It will boost your will power thereby boosting your over all health.

How to Detox Our Social Health?

It is not necessary to be available to everyone all the time.  Keep yourself first and others back.  There is nothing right in prioritising others and valuing others over our own space. So,

  • Remember, ‘do not disturb mode’ and ‘silent mode’ are your best friends. If you can’t speak to someone right now, don’t.
  • Value your private space and make others value too. It is better to avoid those who are not valuing it.
  • Find your distraction and avoid it.
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself by pleasing others.

Power of Detox:

  • Purify your blood.
  • Loss of excess of weight.
  • Improve good sleep.
  • Reduce inflammation.
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Healthy and glowing skin.
  • Improves mental health..
  • Betterment in social life and work or academics
  • Mental peace.


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