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Protein Soybean Soybean rejuvenates the cells and slows down the ageing effect.

The protein present in it prevents various types of cancers and so labeled as anti-cancer food.

It reduces 21 percent cholesterol within three weeks.

A small looking soybean has tremendous power to reduce the ageing effect.

Anti-oxidant powers of soybean reinforce the cells with new energy.

Along with anti-oxidant elements it has great resistance power also which helps in fighting diseases.

According to scientist Stephen Barne, the Genistein chemical present in Soya prevents breast and prostate cancer in human beings.

The Genistein chemical reaches to the roots of the cancer and impedes the growth of cancerous tissues.

Genistein kills the enzymes that help in the growth of cancer and later turn into cancer cells. It is seen that Genistein in Soybean fights against breast cancer, prostate, large intestine, skin, blood and lung cancer.

It has been proved by scientists in research that the Genistein chemical reduces the risk of breast cancer from 40 to 65%.

According to the researchers, the high risk of breast cancer among women is not because of high fats contained in the body but because of low content of Soya protein.

The risk of breast cancer in the American women is four times higher than the Japanese.

A recent survey shows that number of breast cancer patients in Singapore women who consumed much soybean is less than those who took ordinary quantity.

The Soya chemical prevents the breast cancer in two ways. Firstly, it discourages the cancer cells to grow and secondly, impedes their growth at the later stage.

It increases the effect of anti-cancer medicine “Tamoxifen”. Thus, the Soya prevents the cancer roots to grow and impedes their further growth.

Compared to Western countries, it is found that there is less number of men fighting with Prostate cancer in Japan.

And even if there are a few men fighting with this type of cancer, the Soya intake in their food impedes the growth of the cancer cells and also kills these cells.
It also fights with other diseases

It gives strength to the ageing blood veins that carry impure blood.

It is seen that the diseases of veins and arteries are cured by Soya protein.

An Italian scientist proved that the Soya protein fights and reduces 21% of the high blood cholesterol caused due to meat and dairy products.

Thus, it is recommended that people who have high intake of cholesterol should include Soybean in their diet.

People with diabetes can also include soya in their diet as it fights with the diseases related to blood and maintains the blood sugar level in the body.

Along with diabetes it also fights with the heart ailments.

Soybean contains two types of acids Gelisinnin and Arjinin that controls insulin in the body.

Despite taking Soya protein if we consume meat, a large quantity of Calcium is thrown out of the body through urine.

A study revealed that nearly 50 grams of Calcium is thrown out of the body of the women who consumed meat, fish and other non-vegetarian food.

But when the same women consumed Soy Protein, the Calcium was retained in the body.
Japanese’ secret formula of anti-ageing

Soya soup, milk, beans and flour work as anti-ageing agents. Thus, these products should be included in the diet. Similarly, Soya oil and soya sauce also contain proteins but in lesser quantity.

Missa soup which is made from Soy protein is extremely helpful in delaying the oldage.

The founder father of Fundamental Principle of Ageing, Denham Harman discovered that the use of Soya protein prevents the early old age.

The amino-acid present in it works as anti-ageing as it retains the proteins in the body which are otherwise thrown out of the body because of consumption of meat and fish.

Thus, the vegetarian people live longer than non-vegetarians.

The Japanese people are said to be the major consumers of soybean and so they live longer.

– Eom/ Manasi

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