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If the mood is not good after getting up in the morning it means our full day is a waste. For a good mood in the morning it is necessary to sleep properly in the night and be happy in the morning i.e., Early to Bed and Early to Rise gives you every possible positive result.

It has been proved in many researches that people who are sleeping early in the night and those who get up early in the morning are positive and they have control over their will.


If you want your morning stress free, then keep the morning preparations in the night only, like preparing children’s bags, polish shoes and keep vegetables and cut them aside. If you are also working woman then keep your bags ready and keep the clothes out only at night which you want to wear in the morning. Thus, working in advance will make you feel less stress in the morning. If the work will be less in the morning, then your mood will be good.

Smell the Flowers

According to the Harvard University research, “Those who see flowers first, they are more happy and energetic when they wake up in the morning.” So, if you also want to be happy all day, then when you wake up in the morning, first look at flowers and smell. When you sleep at night keep a flower vase or bouquet near your bed or in the kitchen. These flowers can help a lot in keeping your mood good.

Early to Bed and Early to Rise

As soon as the alarm clock is over, you get up at a time. Do not ask for yourself five-ten minutes for yourself, or press the snooze button on the clock or mobile. Because it has been seen that rather than getting up at the first time, it feels more tired to rise in the second time. So place the alarm somewhere out of the room, from which you hear the sound very well, but you cannot press the snooze button of your alarm or mobile. Listen to your alarm or mobile ring and leave the bed immediately.

Improve Your Sleep Time

If you take seven to eight hours of sleep at night, then you will feel better in the morning. Therefore, it is necessary to sleep on time to take a proper sleep. If you have to wake up at six in the morning and you cannot go to sleep early, do it for 15 minutes before sleeping, because if you do this together, you will not sleep, because this is not your sleeping time as per your schedule. Move for 15 minutes ahead of the week at least for two weeks, until you reach the ideal time.

Do not Listen to News

When you wake up, listening to news fills you with stress. Set some limitations for yourself, as soon as you wake up in the morning, you will not watch the news on the TV, and will not check email for at least 30 minutes. You start the morning with some melodious songs or your favorite songs and music is a very good mood booster.

Drink Lemon Water

If you wake up after six to seven hours of sleep, then your body needs a lot of water. You drink water and squeeze a little lemon in it. This will give energy to your body immediately.

See the Brightness and Go for Walk for Some Time

Seeing light, your brain activates and stops to make sleeping hormone melatonin and you will wake up fully and feel active only in fifteen minutes. Many researches have also proved that by only a ten-minute walk or stretching, the blood circulation increases in the body and the sleep disappears and then you will not feel sleepy.

– Khushboo Sharma

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