Some Little known, but beautiful tourist places

Some Little known, but beautiful tourist places
It has often been seen that as soon as the summer holidays are coming near, people start making programs to go to a cool place. In such a situation, there are few selected places, which are already set on everyone’s tongue.

In such a way, the person thinks that we have visited this place many times and now there are lots of crowds too. If you think that way, then we will tell you this time about such hill stations which neither gets too crowded nor everyone knows about these places.

So if you are looking for a new destination and you want to go to such a place which is beautiful and away from the crowd, then you can fulfill your wish by traveling to some special places in India! There are many such corners of India which are still untouched and where few people go.

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Let us know which are those destinations:

Phulbani (Odisha):

The ‘Phulbani City’, situated in the state of Odisha in the middle of eastern India, is a very beautiful place from the natural point of view. There is unlimited peace in this area away from the crowd. The Pilliculuki River flows on the three sides of the hills which is surrounded by mountains. Phulbani is the headquarters of Kandhamal district.

Tourists are very relaxed by reaching here. The peaks of the hills have a panoramic view of the Phulbani. Bhubaneswar is the nearest airport, while Bahrampur is the nearest Eastern Coastal Railway Station, which is connected from the main cities of India.

Kalinga Valley is 98 kilometers away from Phulbani, which has a place called Tashmilla, where Emperor Ashok fought a famous war of Kalinga. This valley is also known for the Silvi Culture Garden and Ayurvedic Plants.

Bastar (Chhattisgarh):

Far from the turmoil of life, the charming heritage and attractions of the ‘Bastar of Chhattisgarh’ can be made a best destination without hesitation. When you are moving towards Jagdalpur by crossing the streets (roads) of this state through the capital Raipur, it is astonishing to think that such a natural shade can also exist between urban architecture. In Chhattisgarh, it will look like you have reached the civilization of prehistoric times.

It was important to be happy only in life here. During these days, the place of dam Taal Sarovar is filled with water and this scene looks very beautiful and charming. On the way, this place on Kanger Valley National Park is famous for its dense flora and fauna where no one has ever gone. These forests are so dense that even the sunlight does not penetrate here. The monsoon journey of Bastar in Chhattisgarh, you will always be remembered.

Amarkantak (Madhya Pradesh):

On the confluence of the Satpura-Mackel and Vindhya mountain ranges, Amarkantak is the unique tourist spot for the summers. This has got the nature and mythology blend the heritage of diverse wealth.

The panoramic view of the springs of greenery, the curving stream of Sonnadi, the purity of the Narmada Kunda, the green altars of the hills, and the panoramic view of the ditch touched the depths of the mind. Amarkantak is located at the distance of about 80 km south-west of Madhya Pradesh’s Shahdol district, at a distance of 60 km from Anuppur railway junction, 45 km from Pendra Road railway station and Bilaspur district headquarter is 115 kms.

Kangan Hari (Delhi):

The Delhi Tourism and Transport Development Corporation want to provide a quiet environment away from the densely populated population of Delhi. Therefore, a new spot has been developed near Delhi to spend a few moments of leisure in a lively life.

Adventure games can be enjoyed here among the greenery. This eco-friendly spot is in ‘Kangan Hari’, which is near Najafgarh in Delhi. This is the place that, while the tourist will stay in Delhi, there will be no lack of mountain courtesy.

Bhedaghat (Madhya Pradesh):

Those going to Bhedaghat are surprised to see its beauty, where the full stream of the entire river gets lost in the strong flow of rain. In this season the beauty of fall does not look, but the beauty of the flow is worth seeing along with Narmada.

But boating in Narmada is very enjoyfull. The atmosphere of the bhedaghat is very quiet. When the sun’s light falls on the white and brimstone marble rocks, its reflection in the river is wonderful. The beauty of Bhedghat and the marble rocks here is at the peak when water droplets fall on them.

Chail (Himachal Pradesh):

Chail is surrounded by hills. The pleasure of the hill station and the experience of peace together can be attained here. A small village is also situated in Chail which is surrounded by cedar trees. You can say that there is a forest of pine around the village.

Here the green views of the mountains make your mind happy and there is happy weather every month.

Chamba of Uttarakhand:

Generally, when the name of Chamba comes, the picture of Himachal appears in the mind of people. But if you come to Uttarakhand, you can also see Chamba here. If you want to visit the beautiful hill station in a limited budget, then pack your luggage and go without hesitation. The beauty of this Chamba is also made by looking at it.

The only difference is that Himachal’s Chamba has made a mark on tourism map, while Chamba, located in Uttarakhand, is still trying to make his place. Beautiful weather and scenic views surrounding it are enough to make it an attractive tourist destination. Chamba is one of those comfortable places to spend the holidays, where you can get amazing peace by reaching.

Khajiyar (Himachal Pradesh):

Khajiyar is one of the world’s 160 mini Switzerland, between the pine and cedar tall, lush green trees. The tourists come here to find spiritual peace and comfort. The lake situated between pine and cedar trees is the center of attraction for tourists.

Sitting on the beach in the middle of the lake, the tourists spend their hours and observe the unique heritage of this nature. Located 560 kilometers far from Delhi, this places have its own place in the case of beauty and greenery.

Munnar (Kerala):

The city of Munnar looks like a normal town which gives large congestion of small hotels and tourists made at every turn, and make a big unattractive form. But if you move one km from this town wherever you go, there is no congestion and no concrete forest only clear greenery of the tea gardens between the hills around the hills can be seen. The Kerala government has banned its extensive urbanization to keep Munnar’s natural beauty alive.

Some other places of interest:

  • Daringbadi’ of Kashmir (Kandhamal) of Odisha
  • Tribal Village of ‘Anantagiri Hills’
  • ‘Yelagiri Hills’ near Chennai
  • Chhattisgarh’s Shimla ‘Menpot’
  • Asia’s largest wind blowing area ‘Ramakkalmedu’ (Kerala)
  • Nalama Hills of Eastern Ghats
  • Vishakhapatnam’s ‘Lambasingi’
  • Naldehara near Shimla
  • Mokokchung’ of Nagaland
  • ‘Tiger’ in Tibet
  • ‘Manana’ near Manali
  • ‘Nubra Valley’ on the path of Siachen
  • Shilong’s ‘Miylinonong’, the cleanest village in Asia
  • ‘Juluk village’ near Tasangu lake – R. Singla

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