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World Environment Day (5rd June) Special – Time to Save Earth From Pollution

Dera Sachha Sauda’s Commendable Cooperation in Controlling the Environmental Pollution
Dera Sachha Sauda is an ‘All Religion Institute’ of universal fame. Currently, 130 Service Works are being conducted here by the Rev. Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan for the welfare of mankind.

All these works are done by the volunteers with full trust, devotion and emotions that is appended to Rev. Guru Ji’s blessings. One of these works is to make the environment neat and clean. Rev. Guru Ji has given this the name “Let the earth be clean, diseases and curses peter out.” Under this welfare activity, cleanliness drives were executed on September 21 & 22, 2011 from Delhi, the capital of India and up to now has been spread to 32 different cities, towns and metros.

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In addition to this, to keep the earth green, every year, the volunteers and devotees plant lacs of plants and trees and take care of them as their own child. In this field also, Dera Sacha Sauda has established World Records. On 15th August 2009, only in a short duration of one hour, 9 lac 38 thousand and seven plants were planted; and on this very day, in a period of 8 hours (one day), 68 Lac, 73 thousand, 451 plants were planted too.

Two world records were entered in Guinness Book of World Records. In addition to this on 15th August, 2011, world record entered in Guinness Book of World Records, for planting of 19,45,435 trees in one hour. Uptill today 3 crore, 63 lac, 31 thousand and 75 plants have been planted by Dera Sacha Sauda.

Trees and plants are blessings for the earth. Green ornaments of trees and plants decorate and glamourize the earth. For the welfare of the mankind there is a message of Rev. Guru Ji that every person should plant at least 12 trees and plants in a year to increase the number and take care of them properly; so that our earth and environment become neat and clean and the mankind should always enjoy health.

On 24th March, 2014, Rev. Guru Ji called for planting the trees and plants on the body remains, which is a very important step from the point of view of environmental security. Uptill today thousands of plants have been planted on the body remains.

“POLLUTION” is the poisonous change of air, water and the physical, organic and chemical qualities which affects not only the working of human body and civilization as a whole. It also affects the animals, birds and watery creatures adversely. Element which pollutes the nature is called “Polluter”. Nature itself can badly affect its structure up to 99.95% like dust storms, volcano blasts Leakage of gases from Oil and Coal Mines.

Though only 0.05% pollution is done by human body, but this pollution sometimes is more dangerous than the natural pollution. There are some poisonous elements in environment which with the passage of time corrupts the environment and ecological system. There are some polluters which in due course go on increasing the pollution.

Reasons for Increase of level of Pollution in the Atmosphere

Natural Resources

Fruits of Plants and Trees

Released PARAG elements, fungus and spores of small creatures, poisonous gases from the volcanoes, hydrocarbon from the swamps, dust storms, storms, debris from the burnt crops, forest fires and the poisonous gases released from the sun and other cosmic rays also spread pollution.

Pollution by the Mankind

  • Forests are being cut daily. In addition to this, environment is being polluted by use of several types of polluter elements.
  • Metal Purification: Dust and steam and dangerous like floride, sulphide and SEESA , chromium , nickel, arsenic and mercury also pollutes the environment . Smoke and dust by Conversion of several types of minerals in metals also pollutes the environment.
  • Chemical Industries: Chemical fertilizer for the fields, poisonous pesticides, sprays on weeds and insects, poisonous elements like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, Sulphur oxide ammonia chloride gases from Rubber Plastic, Cement and Weapon factories.
  • Welding, stone powdering and gem stone making
  • Smoke from the motor cars, jet, airplanes and factories. This is responsible for 80% of the pollution.
  • Going for Lavatory in open is the main reason for the pollution.
  • C.F.C. (chloro floro carbon) is released by jet gas, which produces global warming.

Bad Effects of Environmental Pollution

Poisonous effects of the pollutions are so alarming that increase of these can bring destruction which means end of the humanity.

Due to this, all organs of the body and their working style (like digestive system, breathing, heartbeat, sense organs and thought process) are badly affected. Man cannot bear adverse effect on agriculture and animal husbandry.

Holes on the leaves (stomata) is affecting the trees and plants and other beneficial creatures to the extent, that some species are on the verge of extinction. It is becoming the reason for skin cancer and other cancers.

Acid Rain

When it rains after a long period, then due to mixing of different minerals and gases, its Ph level reduces to less than 5.3% (The Ph level of pure water should be 7.0). This badly affects the environment and human creations. Hence it is advisable not to use the water of rain for first 5 to 10 minutes.


When in winter season, there arises the situation of fog in the industrial towns then the smoke of the factories and the vehicles worsens the situation. As a result, it becomes difficult to drive the vehicles and it becomes more difficult to breathe in and possibilities of cold, cough, viral fever and high fever increase. In addition to asthma and lung cancer the development of the children is abused.

Cooperation of Mankind in Saving The Environment

  • Giving a serious thought on all the dangerous reasons of pollution, we should ensure the safety measures for its eradication. We have to make our earth neat, clean and developmental.
  • Less use of vehicles and ban on the very old vehicles. In place of diesel and petrol, CNG should be used and modern vehicles should be run by solar energy or battery.
  • Use of natural or bio gas should be encouraged, in the kitchens in place of coal and wood.
  • For preparing electricity in place of thermal plant resources of nuclear energy, solar and wind energy may be developed.
  • Excessive tree planting may be done and taken care of.
  • Forest fire may be avoided.
  • Do not fire the weed in the fields, rather make fertilizer of it.
  • Instead of using chemical fertilizer and pesticides, use bio fertilizer and bio pesticides.
  • MAL, MAIL, PAKHANA, toilet sheets, ponds, canals, lakes and rivers should be cleaned regularly and proper care of their maintenance should be ensured.
  • The chimneys in the factories should be high. The filters, base units should be in place here, so that the exhaust of gas and small particles can be controlled.
  • All the industrials organizations should be checked timely so that pollution can be controlled.
  • Precaution is better than cure. If you check the filth, you will be saved from several diseases. – Dr. Triloki Nath Chugh Insaan, Ex-Coordinator, Shah Satnam Ji Educational Institute, Dera Sacha Sauda, Sirsa

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