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Go Green and Recycle Your Evergreen!

It feels good when people around have started understanding that their irresponsible behaviour is hurting the environment, nature & the Earth is suffering from a lot of problems due to excessive human intervention and selfish behaviour.

Our planet is suffering from some serious issues like deforestation, global warming and all sorts of pollution; these problems are pertinent and needs immediate and comprehensive resolution.

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One common reason for these stumbling blocks is the outlook of mankind towards mother nature, they have been snatching everything from nature and care a very little about correcting their wrong doings and running away from the responsibility to respect the natural resources. It is the need of the hour that people should understand the importance of balancing the environment and why nature is essential for the survival of the human race, it is high time that we should go green and save the Earth!

It is impossible to grow a forest in a year, but very few people are aware and taking necessary steps to improve their lifestyles which will be helpful for the environment. A lot of initiatives are being taken to educate the people about the damage that has been done to the environment due to pollution and industrialization. These damages cannot be reversed overnight.

We should ourselves plant more trees and also encourage others to do the same; this is the least we can do as an individual so that these trees can grow in the next 10 to 15 years. Our generation might not enjoy the benefits but let’s leave some legacy for our coming generation, they also deserve to see the beauty that we are cherishing in our time. This is like investing in a start-up which will surely develop into an enormous company sooner or later that will provide benefits. Educating people about the consequences of pollution and deforestation needs to be done a larger scale, which is viable in this era of internet and digital approach.

We all are well aware of the rapid increase in the temperature of the Earth due to global warming, we should spread awareness among the people and encourage them to use energy-saving appliances, switch off the lights, turn off the water taps and vehicles whenever it is possible. Try using a bicycle as the alternative, many developed, developing and under-developed countries are adopting it.

We can use public transport more often as they do not release any harmful gases that may lead to the greenhouse effect and global warming. For industries, they may use filters in their factories or plants to reduce the emission of toxins and wastes into water bodies and air. People have started understanding the importance of trees and consider them as the lungs of this planet, people are becoming aware of deforestation and its consequences that will affect us and the future generation.

This generation is responsible for providing a bright future to the upcoming generation, we do not want our children and grand-children to suffer for fresh air. As the current generation, we owe fewer problems and burdens to our future generation, their well-being is in our hands either we can make it or break it forever. If we don’t take the necessary steps today, there is no turning back. Many people have a selfish approach towards the betterment of this planet, they do not consider it as their responsibility to solve the current problem and believe that the future generation will take care of it. But that is not true, what if our ancestors had the same approach?

There are a lot of precautions and steps that we can take to go green. Both buying and cooking organic food is beneficial for our health and environment; reduce the usage of fluorescent lights and increase the use of natural light. Make it a habit to switch off the plugs, computers and lights of the offices and home when they are not in use; encourage your colleagues, friends and family to recycle the waste and use more eco-friendly products.

Greediness and increased consumerism are the main factors that are destroying our society as well as the planet; it is painful to watch that we as a community are destroying the beautiful nature and its gifted resources to gain profits. Everyone appreciates the fresh air and water and yet fail to understand that it is provided by nature and we need to stop destroying it.

But nowadays, a lot of MNCs and start-ups are becoming environmentally conscious and encourage their employees to respect nature and use more eco-friendly approaches. These days, companies try to engage their employees in activities like collecting and recycling the waste (office waste), planting trees, conducting seminars and educating them about preserving the environment and forests.

A few initiatives that can be taken on both large and small scales to go green are rainwater harvesting, use reusable boxes for packing food, use public transport or electric vehicles to prevent air pollution, go paperless, reduce energy consumption, use water-saving devices at homes, schools and offices.

Try using these small tips if you care about the future and want to make this planet a better and happy place for your future generation, they may seem small but these habits will create an impact in the longer run.


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