Don’t throw away your used toothbrush, it still has many uses Sachi Shiksha

If things are outdated, then they are thrown away. But there are so many things that, despite being old, prove to be great use.

Such is your toothbrush. It is used to clean the teeth. But after 2-3 months use, you usually throw it away. Rather than throwing your old toothbrush, you can use it in many other ways. So let’s know what to do with old toothbrushes.

Get Rid of Nail Polish

When women apply nail polish, sometimes it goes out of the nail. That is, the color stays on the edges of the nails. In this case, the nails can be cleaned with the help of a brush.

Nails Dirt

The nails become dirty while working at home. In such a way, clean the nails from the brush while bathing daily, which will remove the dust etc.

KeyBoard Cleaning

After continuous work on the computer keyboard, there are plenty of dust in the middle of the buttons, so you can clean the dust-clay and other dust easily trapped in the middle of the keyboard with old toothbrush.

Hair Color

Men’s or women, apply mehandi have been running in the hair now a day. In such cases, old toothbrush can also be used to apply henna in the hair. Apart from this, brush can also make hair high-light. TV, LED cleaning: In the TV, LED or monitor etc., the dust on the edges of the screen, etc. It can be cleaned with an old toothbrush.

Cleaning of Jewelry

You can use toothbrush to clean gold or silver jewelry. For this, keep the ornaments soaked in light hot water for a while and then clean them with the help of a brush, this will make the jewelry completely new.

Clock Cleaning

Due to sweat and dust due to wearing the clock continuously for several months on the wrist, the dirt gets trapped in the clock’s chain. With the help of old toothbrushes and colin, you can clean the clock chain very well.


Girls use castor oil in the brush to make eyebrows dense and turn it light on the eyebrows. Apart from this, it can also be used to make the lamps thick and long.

– Seema Rani

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